Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Jennifer Fernandez Halma

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives® Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated to Jennifer Fernandez Halma! Jennifer is a valuable Motives® Partner! Read on for a glimpse into her makeup artistry, passion for cosmetics, and how she achieves being the ultimate Makeup-Maven!

A note from Jennifer: I am a Certified Motives Beauty Advisor and licensed Cosmetologist.  I began my career working in a salon and eventually became known for my bridal hairstyling and makeup.  I went off on my own to start my event hair and makeup company. I recognized the need for branding myself and aligning with a company that could support my bridal clients with a superior product. I partnered with Motives in August of 2013 and have loved the customization I am able to achieve with the brand. It just goes hand in hand for my clients. Most recently I launched my custom blend brand, Custom Beauty.
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To get to know Jennifer a little bit better, we asked her these questions:
1. How were you introduced to Motives? 
I was introduced to Motives Cosmetics while working in a salon here in Charleston, SC.  We did events with a local cosmetic surgeon/wellness office and I saw the custom blend tower.  I was amazed at how you could customize makeup.   Then a few months later we did a fashion show and all the makeup was supplied by a current beauty advisor so we had the chance to use the line and touch and see how well it performed.  One of my associates at the salon had a custom blend made for her and really loved it so much so then I wanted to give it a try and I loved how great my skin looked and felt.
2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?
I made the decision to learn more about Motives and the custom blend. I replenish my makeup kit on a regular basis.  Ordering constantly can be expensive and time-consuming.  Oftentimes, I need something the next day and being able to create it from my kit was priceless. I realized it aligned perfectly with my professional artistry and branding.  I can now be a 1 stop shop for my Bride’s.  Offering them the perfect solution from skin care to lip gloss on her wedding day to have in her touch up bag.
3. How have you leveraged GMTSS events to build your belief/ propel your success?
Last year, I was thrilled to host a Motives trainer, Leigh Raeder for a 4-day training.  Having her here was amazing.  She is such an inspiration and so knowledgeable.  We had beauty advisors from several hours away to all learn and become certified in custom blending.  I think many of us were so energized from her visit and helped us with confidence in making blends for all skin tones and maximizing share of customer.  With Motives, you can learn from the systemized classes no matter where you are.  Now with the new beauty & business training, we will be able to empower many more women.
4. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?
Building your business is why we are all here in business initially.  I have found aside from the business aspect,  Building relationships are the reasons I jump out of bed. I want to empower my team and my preferred customers and offer an experience that will empower them.  We have a team facebook page where we empower each other.  I also have a VIP preferred customer page where I share tips and tricks that save ladies time in deciphering makeup techniques.   I want it to be relevant to them and a fun place to grow and learn.
5. Is there anything that you’d recommend others to do / leverage as a beauty entrepreneur on order to maximize success?
The best way for a beauty advisor starting out is to embrace the campaigns.  The campaign’s are so empowering for the new beauty advisor and the participants.  Grab as many faces as you can.  I promise you, it will be worth your time.   You get to treat them to a beauty makeover, introducing them to the line and build your portfolio and getting the word out to their friends and families.  The prizes are great but even if you don’t win the prizes, (which are amazing, by the way)  you win in your business growing it on a fast track level.
6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?
I feel like Market America is always listening to the trends and delivering answers that are not just trends but are products that become staples.  And for the business side, Motives and the creative team have produced beautiful manuals, recipe books and learning workshops that are great for both new beauty advisors and the experienced makeup pro.  The new Beauty & Business class is going to be a game changer for all of us and I am very excited to attend.
What is a tip or trick you’d love to share in regards to makeup application? 
As a pro makeup artist, I am on location most of the time. I need my working kit to be efficient and compact since space is always tight and I have found working with the foundation quads gives me such diversity of product and texture. I can use if I need full coverage as a concealer or I can sheer it down with Skintelligence Skin Perfecting Serum to give the foundation quads a little less coverage. Take a powder puff pressed into a little translucent powder on a mixing palette and roll it like a taco to disperse product and press and roll the product into the skin. I set my concealer with a synthetic flat brush sprayed with makeup setting spray and I am able to set with no powder in the delicate area. This technique works great for mature skin types since you don’t have to worry about powder settling into fine lines.


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