Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Margo Siciliano

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated to Margo Siciliano! Margo has been in the cosmetics industry since her late teens while attending very prestigious aesthetic schools. However, it wasn’t until recently that she became an UnFranchise Owner to fulfill her dreams at 57 years old! Read on to learn more about Margo’s story and the path that led her to believe in herself and join the Motives business.

“I started out in my late teens working in the cosmetic industry.  I attended Catherine Hinds School for Aesthetics.  I worked at a major department store; Filene’s in Boston, as a Cosmetics Counter Manager.  This was quite impressive for a young woman at the time.  I worked for Germaine Monteil Cosmetiques, a well respected and highly regarded cosmetics line established in Paris in 1936.  To be honest at that time we, in the industry, looked down our noses at other cosmetic lines that were not founded in France.  France was the Mecca of the Fashion World.  The cosmetic lines established in Paris were considered superior to other lines throughout Europe and America.  In the 1970’s there was definite “Class Distinctions” in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

History – In 1936, Monteil founded with her husband, Guy Bjorkman, Germain Monteil Cosmetiques Corp. as a sideline to her fashion business, offering skin treatments and creams.  Her first perfume, “Laughter” (later renamed Rigolade), came out in 1941.  The increasing success of this sideline led to Monteil abandoning fashion design in the late 1940’s to focus on perfume and cosmetics.  The company was acquired by cosmetics giant Revlon in 1978 from fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.  Revlon then sold the brand to the German Company Wilde Cosmetics GmbH in 2006.

It was the early 1970’s and at that time I was trained with a “color wheel” mentality and we really were professional Makeup Artist’s and Skin Care Advisers.  The training program was extremely intense.  In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the law did not allow skin-to-skin touch with customers unless you were a Licensed Aesthetician.  Keeping in mind that the only products offered in “drug-stores” during this period were Ponds Cold Cream and Phisohex, even Revlon was sold only in major department stores.  I finished my Aesthetics school training and passed the Massachusetts Cosmetology Board Test.  I had become a licensed Aesthetician!  I did not pursue a career in a salon because at that time there wasn’t a big demand for Aestheticians other than on Newbury Street in Boston.  It was a very different world from today.  

I loved cosmetics, but decided that I wanted to go to school for Fashion Merchandising.  I started my education in that course of study in 1978, at Bay State College, Boston. I continued to work for Germaine Monteil until I turned 21 years old.  While attending college I worked at Filene’s, part time, on the floor in retail sales. I later worked full time and back to the Cosmetics department working for Clinique, Lancôme and Estee Lauder.  I was offered a position at Jordan Marsh, Boston (Filene’s big competitor) as a MUA! This position was a promotion and very prestigious.  I was located at the front of the store and performed make-overs to customers to promote whichever product line was having a special that week!    

When I was 24 I was married with my first child and decided to stay at home to become a full time mom.  I didn’t pursue a career outside of the home, raising my children, which I absolutely loved.  I allowed my Aesthetics License to expire and didn’t think about it until years later.  I wanted to do something part-time that could fit into my busy life, keeping my children as my first priority.   

In 1994 I was recruited as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  I also incorporated my talent of artistry by building my business as a Makeup Artist and providing special occasion makeup services.  Mary Kay proved to be more of a full time job than I had anticipated, and as a high achiever, I placed a lot of pressure on myself to succeed.  I hit some pin levels but was frustrated with the business and decided to leave Mary Kay and continue to do special occasion make-up.  That didn’t last long  because I was unable to run a business and run a family.  My life had changed and it was time to dedicate myself to my children as a stay at home mother.  When I needed a part-time job I began working in administrative support at a local hospital just every other weekend.  Fast forward to the present, my children are adults, I lost my son Christopher and have come to believe that my time is now.  Thankfully all of my children lead happy healthy productive lives and my oldest daughter has made me a grandmother twice!

I am currently working 40-hours per week at a local hospital in the Patient Access Services department.  I became an Unfranchise owner to fulfill my dreams at 57 years old!  I truly believe in this business and my goal is to have a successful career as a Motives Certified Beauty Consultant and Makeup Artist, as well as become financially free as an Unfranchise Owner!  I love Market America’s business plan and specialize in Motives because of my passion for skincare & makeup.  I find great fulfillment as a woman when I can educate and help other women feel beautiful.  I firmly believe that beauty comes from within and am able to help women live healthy lifestyles by incorporating the Isotonics line of products as well as TLS.  I am a product of the product and have testimonials of my own success with OPC-3 Beauty Blend and B-complex!

My advice to other Motives Beauty Advisors is to never give up on your commitment to fulfilling your dreams. Every time someone says no you are one step closer to a yes! My motto is “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!”  If you do you will! Believe in yourself and you will always be successful!”


Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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