Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Song Lopez

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives® Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated to Song Lopez! Song is a valuable Motives® Partner! Read on for a glimpse into her growth through working with Motives for just a short two months!

1. How were you introduced to Motives? (product approach, social media, warm market, etc.)

I was introduced to Motives back in 2008 and I absolutely loved the makeup that I bought the palettes from the distributor that was trying to sponsor me.  I was a young 34 year old working freelance makeup in Las Vegas. At the top of my game in my field, as Vegas was becoming a mini hollywood with all the events going on from Movies, awards shows, concerts, celebrity chefs to a  ton of advertising.  I did not want to sell products I just wanted to do makeup. Now I look back and think what and wow was I not looking at the big picture!!  FAST FORWARD to November 2017 I am the personal makeup artist to Eric Worre and Marina Worre from Network Marketing Pros. I end up working with the most influential network marketing pros form all different walks of network marketing.  Tony Robbins and PitBull were a couple of guest speakers along with an all womens panel. The womens panel was absolutey inspiring to me to see these single moms or savvy entrepreneurs travel and share what they love.
One particular woman said to me Song you are so good at what you do. You should consider finding a company that aligns with your beliefs in networking marketing and build your future.  I really took that to heart and I started looking. So I looked through emails and messages from 2008 for the woman that introduced me to Motives.  I also looked at other lines yes all the others lines that I just could not stand behind.  When I got a hold of my contact she was no longer doing the business so I started out on a journey to find my own upline in Las Vegas….. Crickets…. I reached out to a couple of people but the one person who responded and had the most information is Kathy Sue Boyd. I laugh as I interviewed her to see if she would be good enough to be my uplin.. Here I am 2 short months from signing up and I have picked the best company and upline.  I love Motives, Market America, Skintelligence, Lumiere De Vie, IsoTonix and The list literally goes on and on. I am a part of the greatest network marketing company out there!! I know this in my short 2 months.

2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

I knew Motives Cosmetics could compete with the major makeup lines I keep in my makeup kit for my celebrities and for the award shows I do.  It was extremely important to me to have the same if not better quality that what I was already carrying. The Product had to be highly pigment with little to no fall out form the shadows as the cheaper brands have a ton of fall out and no pigment.

3. As a Professional, what feedback would you provide for others who are evaluating the product line and / or business behind it?

This business is a win win in my or your professional field.  I have been promoting every other makeup line and yes getting free product to promote them but I was not getting paid or making an income from the line. It was an absolute no brainier to brand and build myself sharing the best top of  line products working with my company. Rather than building another makeup line that wasn’t building my future. The product speaks for itself. I am constantly asked what I am using and whats in my makeup kit.  I love that the research, partnering, and quality is equal to better than what I use from other lines.  The setting spray I used to use in my kit is from Skindivia, the number setting spray that I had supported and shared. The Motives setting spray is even better then Skindivia. Why wouldnt I want to get paid to share Motives, that is equal or better to the product that I used to pay for?

4. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

This is an interesting question. To be fair I have only been doing this 2 months and I am killing it in custom blend. Clients reach out to me from different states, makeup artist asking what is that?  I want that!  I AM LIVING OUT LOUD. By this I am building my buzz.  I also have a Motives and Me apprenticing with me for 3 weeks now and she is getting ready have her first party.  She also went to my Custom Blend party and was in awe with the opportunity. I feel I am expanding at a great pace all while still working my freelance career in between. I am sharing, living, breathing, being and becoming Motives.

5. Is there anything that you’d recommend others to do / leverage as a beauty entrepreneur on order to maximize success?

I’d say learn the verbiage, do not talk to much, let the products speak for themselves.  Be excited, take action, go through the steps and learn get on calls and trainings.  Invest in yourself and get to know the back office. Ask questions do not be shy. I ask all the time it will become part of your verbiage.  I feel making sure you have products to use daily and get quality photos of you living out loud with your products to share.  People want to see what your doing.  It’s infectious my business has been growing because of this. People use to say I have never heard of motives and now they are saying what lip color are you wearing?

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

I have BIG goals.  I am excited about going to Chinese bootcamp in las Vegas.  Sadly I am unable to attend some of the the trainings that motives has goin on coming up because I have had pre arranged events already going on in 2018 before I signed on with my new company.  I will attend and get on any calls until I can get to the next huge event. I know that will be all the difference in my business venture with Market America.  Until then I will continue to reach my goals of becoming a spokes person and trainer in Las Vegas for Motives. It is exciting to be able to wake up in Paris with my family to making money while I sleep.  I have goals to be able to pick and choose the kind of freelance productions jobs I want to do because I am passionate about not because I have to.  I have given 20 year to my makeup career to making up celebrities and now I want to travel and still be able to work from a far while being able to supplement my life.

7. What is a tip or trick you’d love to share in regards to makeup application?

Oh, wow I have so many.. I will leave a couple and your team can pick the one they like.
  1. Use wedge sponge to lift your eyelid to help you apply your mascara.  What that does it keeps you from getting mascara on your eyelids and it also helps to make sure your lashes are fully covered and brushed.
  2. I always apply the eye makeup first then I take a motives makeup wipe to clean under the eyes and face from any makeup shadow fall.
  3. Before makeup application especially in Las Vegas with lots of dry skin. I will apply a layer of moisturizer and let it sit on the skin while I do the eye makeup.  By the time I am done with they eyes the skin and absorbed the moisturizer and the foundation goes on like butter.
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