Motives Brushes 101: Essential Makeup Brushes

You don’t need a makeup artist with you every morning to apply your makeup (although it is quite nice to have one for special events) as long as you have the proper tools. Having the right makeup brushes will not only give you the desire look you want to achieve, but will help carry your makeup a long way. Here are the 5 essential makeup brushes to have:

1. Foundation Brush – A brush with high-end synthetic bristles that won’t swell with age and ensure foundation blends without streaking.  It can be used with all Motives and Motives for La La foundation formulas — from cream to liquid. It applies just the right amount of foundation smoothly and evenly for a flawless foundation application.

2. Powder Brush – A brush that helps facilitate easy application of pressed and loose powders onto the skin. Its full, round shape allows for even product distribution of powder foundations, setting powders, bronzers and blush.

3. Angled Liner Brush – A brush with short, angled bristles to ensure a precise, firm, and even stroke when lining and defining eyes. Expect polished, professional results every time.

4. Eye Shadow Brush – A brush featuring a dome shape, which provides precision when applying eye shadows in the eye crease. Create a wide-eyed effect with this brush, which is perfectly shaped to give depth to eyes, and holds a large quantity of product for intense and rapid application.

5. Retractable Lip and Eye Brush – A retractable lip and eye shadow brush that creates perfect, long-lasting definition around the contour of the lips and on the eyes. This unique two-in-one brush makes for flawless, effortless application, at home or on the go.

How many makeup brushes do you have? We’d love to hear which one is your absolute must-have in the comments below!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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