Motives Business Building Tips

Are you interested in growing your business with Motives this year? Check out our 8 business building tips to create success with Motives. Keep on reading to see which tips you have already mastered, and gain new ideas for growth.

Motives Business Building Tips

8 Motives Business Building Tips

Join the Motives Cosmetics Official Pro Partners Facebook Group

Whether you are a beauty advisor or a major in another part of the business you will want to join our private Facebook group. There are many self-guided units in the group you can take advantage of to learn more about Motives.  Also on this page, they host weekly Motives Monday sessions and quarterly Motives Nationwide Online Events.

Weekly Motives Webinars

Every month we do a blog post here on the UFO blog listing out all of the Motives webinars for the month. These are a great free asset to grow your business and learn more about the makeup industry from industry professionals.

Go For The Motives Challenge

Download and print off the criteria for the Motives spring/summer challenge (you can find this in your back office). Be sure to read it over and keep with you when meeting with customers to keep you motivated to crush this seasons challenge!

Host An Online Party

When is the last time you have hosted a Motives online party? Whether you are new to Motives or are a veteran leveraging the power of an online party, this tool is crucial for your business. Check out this blog post for a step by step guide to creating a successful online party.

Leverage Our Product Of The Month

Learn how one of our Beauty Advisors has used our product of the month selection to host a monthly Motives Professional Overview. She hosts a monthly party with other beauty advisors in the area to help grow their businesses and increase sales.

Become Custom Blend Certified

Learn about the benefits of Custom Blend and how you can use this amazing product to better serve your customers. This knowledge can be a valuable asset to gaining new loyal customers. Find out more about Custom Blend in this blog post.

Attend MBBA

Attending an event is a great opportunity to network, gain inspiration on how to maximize your current career/business, and broaden your perspective on the Beauty Industry! Perhaps, most importantly, empowering you to fall in love with the process while having fun! See what upcoming MBBA events you might want to attend here.

Attend Other GMTSS Events

We host many events throughout the year to help you gain knowledge about the Motives business. From general business knowledge to Custom Blend certifications and makeup classes, look at a full list of upcoming GMTSS events here.

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