Motives & LDV February Product Focus

Create some romantic looks this month with our Motives and LDV February product focus. This February Motives® and Lumière De Vie is focusing on flirty lashes and skincare that will leave you smelling like a beautiful rose.

Our February Motives Product feature is Motives Mascara and Motives Artificial Lashes. Our Skincare Product feature is the Lumiere de Vie Rose Refresher. This is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce these products to your clients, customers, and others in your network.  Read on to find out ways to market these products

Motives February Product Focus: Lashes & Mascara

Achieve great lashes for National Lash Day! February is National Lash Day on February 19th. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and if that’s the case, you’d surely want others to see beauty when they look into your eyes. To celebrate, do some pre-spring cleaning and replace your old, dried up, crusty, and cakey mascaras that are taking up space at the bottom of your makeup drawer and replace with some fresh tubes. Your peepers are the focal point of your face that putting enough effort and time to enhance them is definitely worth it. One way that guarantees to bring noticeable improvements to your eyes is the use of false eyelashes. If you’re still holding back from using falsies, there’s no time better than now to learn how easy they can be to throw into your routine.

Ways to market lashes & mascara

Personally reach out to 1 person a day to introduce them to the products. Hold lash clinics and skincare clinics.  Meet one on one with your customers and give them the opportunity to experience the products. Post social media images provided by creative. Do a short LIVE video on your personal social media accounts with a short demo of the lash products. Add in some support products: Fixx Lash Extend & the Motives Lash Primer to maximize your client sales. Do a short LIVE video with your skincare routine with the Lumiere de Vie Rose Refresher.  Do a short LIVE video with skincare tips or lash care tips. Put the products together and sell as packages.  If they buy a package, you can give away the lash adhesive or an eyelash curler. You can also leverage Valentine’s Day-Rose Refresher is the perfect gift 😉

Some facts you can share about mascara:

The expiration date: Two to three months
Why it goes bad after that: While pumping the mascara wand into the tube helps to use more product, it also drags more air and potential germs into the products. This causes it to dry out or go bad.
Signs you need to replace it: If your mascara flakes, clumps, dries out, or smells, it’s time to toss it.
How to clean it: There is no way to clean or preserve your mascara, so your best bet to just replace it.

How to apply artificial lashes:

  • Begin by measuring to ensure it fits your eyes. Do this by placing the strip of full lashes onto the line of your upper lashes. Then, using a small scissors cut the part on the outer edge that doesn’t fit.
  • Once the right measurement is achieved, apply eyelash glue to the strip then let dry until a tacky texture is achieved.
  • Apply the full false eyelashes to your natural lash line and put them as close as possible. Use mascara as finishing touch.

Learn More About Our Motives Mascara & Lashes

Motives® Lash Primer

A conditioning base that makes every lash look fuller and longer. The moisturizing formula helps to mend dry lashes for full, extended wear.

Motives® Fiber Lush Mascara

Get the look of false lashes without the work. Fiber Lush Mascara is formulated with fibers that adhere to your lashes making them look longer, fuller and drop-dead luscious. This one-step formula has been perfectly paired with a brush designed for a flawless application that resists smudging, clumping, and flaking all day.

Motives® Lustrafy Mascara

A rich, hypoallergenic formula that volumizes your lashes, and resists smudging and flaking. The oversized brush builds thick, beautiful, bodacious lashes with every swipe.

Motives® for La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

A mineral formula that intensifies your lashes with extra volume, expansion, and curls. The formulation is gentle, and resists smudging and flaking.

Motives False Eyelashes

A set of false eyelashes made with natural hair fibers for an alluring, natural look. Create the look of bigger, fuller, more inviting eyes with our collection of false eyelashes.

Fixx Lash Extend

Face it – the eyes have it, and long lashes make women and men take notice. Fixx™ Lash Extend serum is not mascara or makeup. It is a serum that can help increase the look of volume of your lashes in just two weeks, versus six-week results promised by other products. This advanced formula contains a proprietary blend of SymPeptides™ that promote keratin to make lashes and brows look longer and thicker, strengthen your lashes and brows, and reduce breakage. Fixx™ Lash Extend naturally plumps, nourishes and fortifies each strand for healthier, thicker-looking lashes and brows.

Apply Fixx™ Lash Extend once daily on the lash line or on eyebrow to thin, sparse lashes and brows for stronger brows and lashes that look thicker and fuller! Safe and effective, Fixx™ Lash Extend is a hassle-free, great alternative. Fixx™ your lashes and get noticed.

Here are 4 action plans:


Fiber Lush Mascara UC $21.00 RC $29.95 BV 15.0

Artificial Lashes UC $7.25 RC $9.95 BV 4.25

Retail profit: $11.65 BV 19.25

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying this duo that is a profit of $116.50 & 192.5 BV


Lash Primer UC $12.95 RC $17.95 BV 9.25

Fiber Lush Mascara UC $21.00 RC $29.95 BV 15.0

Artificial Lashes UC $7.25 RC $9.95 BV 4.25

Your retail profit becomes $16.65 BV 28.5

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying this trio, that is a profit of $166.50 & 285 BV


Add in the FIXX Lash Extend UC $21.50 RC $29.95 BV 16.50

Lash Primer UC $12.95 RC $17.95 BV 9.25

Fiber Lush Mascara UC $21.00 RC $29.95 BV 15.0

Artificial Lashes UC $7.25 RC $9.95 BV 4.25

Your retail profit becomes $25.10 /BV 45

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying this set, that is a profit of $251 & 450 BV

Lumière De Vie February Product Focus: Rosé Refresher

Lumière De Vie Rosé Refresher

Rejuvenate your skin with just one spritz of Lumière de Vie Rosé Refresher. Aloe and Botanimoist effectively soothe and moisturize for skin that feels soft and smooth to the touch, while Phytic Acid brightens for a more refined, radiant complexion. This versatile mist is a pick-me-up for your skin that instantly refreshes makeup and provides long-lasting hydration. Revitalize, renew and reset skin with this calming rosewater toner.


  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin with aloe
  • Botanimoist infuses the skin with hydration
  • Brightens the skin for a more radiant complexion
  • Provides a supple look and feel for refined skin
  • Perfect pick-me-up to refresh your look throughout the day


Lumiere de Vie Rose Refresher UC $15.75 RC $22 BV 11

Your retail profit is $6.25 BV 11

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying this, that is a profit of $62.50 & 0 BV

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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