Motives & Lumière de Vie MAIC Recap

MAIC 2020 flew by with a blink of an eye. You might have missed some information about all of our new Motives and Lumière de Vie products coming this fall. But don’t worry we are here to help recap you on all of these amazing new launches along with how you can leverage them to help grow your business and increase sales.

Motives & Lumière de Vie MAIC Recap

Motives is booming with new products this fall/winter. During MAIC they announced a new seasonal palette, foundation sticks,  three new lip products, 3 face palettes, a holiday lip collection. If that wasn’t enough Maria Checa also announced a second collaboration with Thalia! Don’t get overwhelmed, read about all of these products in this blog post. For a deep dive into each product join us for our weekly Monday webinars for a virtual beauty booth. Our Beauty Advisors will be going in-depth on each product, benefits, and selling techniques. Lastly, be sure to utilize our YouTube videos, they are perfect for sharing on your social pages to help get your customers excited about the new products.

Lumière de Vie had some exciting accountments as well. A collection within the LDV line or Renewal Products that are enriched with astaxanthin, to offer un-real skin benefits. We also shared a new LDV body treatment that will help firm skin and reduce the appearance of dimples in the skin, how excited are you about that product? Lastly, we also shared two new Hommes products that will be launching later this winter.  Read about all of the new LDV products in this blog post. Also, be sure to tune into our Monday webinars for a virtual booth tour to learn about all of the new products and their benefits.


If you attended MAIC 2020 virtually you still have time to re-watch the Motives breakout. The Skincare breakout will be LIVE this Friday at 8pm EDT. Be sure to check your email for a link to watch these breakout events.

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Join us in our Virtual Booth every Monday at 8pm EDT, as we showcase our incredible new product launches and discuss how to incorporate into both your daily beauty routine, as well as share with friends and clientele!

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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