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Motives October Product Feature: Visionaire Palettes

In October, we are focusing on our newest additions to the Motives family, not one but TWO new palettes! Visions don’t have to be just dreams, make them your reality. Motives Visionaire Campaign embodies every makeup lovers’ true self. The self that is hiding inside that is waiting to be revealed. The self that when unleashed will make all of your desires come to life. Through color and creativity, it’s time to mold your own vision. This month, you learn how to incorporate these new additions and be on trend!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to educate your clients, customers, and others in your network about the new trends! Read on to find out ways to market them and stay tuned, as we will be bringing you more pictures & blog posts to promote.

During the month we encourage you to challenge yourself to create as many different looks incorporating these products on yourself and others as you can. Once you have created your looks, make sure to snap some pictures using the corresponding hashtag #visionaire and share on your social media platforms to encourage others to book a consultation with you! Immediate results and income are experienced through retail sales! You can do this through events, social media, or through a one to one scenario. Get creative with your clients and branding yourself through leveraging our monthly product features.

Ideas on ways to market:

  • Personally reach out to 1 person a day to introduce them to the products.
  • Challenge yourself to 30 consultations for the month (they will purchase more than just the featured products (average sale $100 per consultation)
  • Hold clinics, events or classes(average event sales are $1000 per event).
  • Feature a demo at a Motives Professional Overview
  • Hold makeup bag mixers & meet one on one with your customers and show them how to incorporate these products into their routine.
  • Share education on how to apply them & how to determine what colors to choose based on undertones
  • Post social media images provided by creative.
  • Do a short LIVE video on your personal social media accounts with a short demo of the products.
  • Put products together and sell as packages.
  • We NEED reviews-Please write a review on the featured products
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtags #visionaire throughout the month

Product information 

Motives Visionaire Palette

Visionaire. A wonderland of mystical shades pairing moody blues and purples with powerful pops of copper. Fall into lust with this whimsical palette and blend out matte and shimmer looks to bring your vision to life.

The Visionaire Palette includes the following shades (from top left going clockwise):

  • Sinful: a fiery copper with shimmer
  • Mystical: a buildable matte chocolate
  • Uncensored: a natural matte taupe
  • Muse: a chic chrome with shimmer
  • Whimsical: a cool plum with iridescent shimmer
  • Hype: a sultry mulberry with shimmer
  • Wonderland: a moody blue with shimmer
  • Desire: a neutral taupe with shimmer


  • Features eight shadows for endless Fall looks
  • Matte & shimmer finishes create looks both classic & dramatic
  • High color payoff and creamy texture applies smoothly
  • Eye shadows can be worn wet or dry
  • Paraben free

MotivesVisionaire Lip & Cheek Palette 

Visionaire. A palette bursting with six, euphoric, dual purpose crèmes that apply effortlessly to lips and cheeks. From sheer to vibrant, these blendable shades are fitting for any day of the week.

The Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette includes the following shades (from top going clockwise):

  • Hypnotic: a shimmery sheer with iridescent flakes. Makes the perfect highlighter or lip stain.
  • Exhale: a deep brick red with buildable color.
  • Pop: a bold poppy shade, great for cheeks or lips.
  • Trance: a dark matte violet berry.
  • Euphoria: a warm neutral that applies effortlessly sheer.
  • Assumption: Don’t let the color shy you away, this shade applies to a stunning amethyst stain for lips and cheeks.


  • Features six dual-purpose crèmes for versatile everyday looks
  • Sheer & vibrant shades blend & layer flawlessly
  • Creamy texture provides long lasting & buildable coverage
  • Versatile formula blends seamlessly on both lips & cheeks
  • Paraben free

Look at what adding these products into your business can do!!

Motives Visionaire Palette

UC: $35.50 SR: $49.95 BV: 27

Retail Profit: $14.45 & 27 BV Per Customer

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying one Palette, that is a profit of $144.50 & 270 BV

Motives Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette

UC: $30.00 SR: $42.00 BV: 22

Retail profit: $12.00 & 22 BV per customer

If you have a goal of 10 customers buying one Palette, that is a profit of $120 & 220 BV

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Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher