Motives Party Hosts Eligible For Free Product Credits

One of the most efficient ways to introduce new customers to Motives is through a Motives Party.

A Motives Party is a fun and interactive meeting where people can come to try out Motives Cosmetics and mingle with UnFranchise Owners. The interactive parties are like product symposiums because they give people a hands-on experience with Motives Cosmetics. You can teach, learn, and bond over your love for cosmetics!


Now, there is a huge incentive to hosting Motives parties. If you host a Motives party, you will now be rewarded with gifts! As a party host, you can redeem up to $100.00 in product credits for Motives items available on including the new Motives water bottle and makeup bag.


You can receive a $20.00 product credit for each of the following:

  • Host the event on its original date
  • Have a minimum of five guests over the age of 18
  • Generate $200.00 or more in sales at your party
  • Generate two bookings
  • Evaluate the Motives opportunity

Plus, you can receive a bonus gift for generating $100.00 or more in catalog sales prior to your Motives party!

For more, click on the following link: Host a Motives Party




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