Motives® Spotlight: Linda Tighe

There’s no better way to build your Motives® business than to learn from the very best in the industry, our Motives Certified Trainers and Motives Beauty Advisors! We’re continuing our Motives Spotlight series with Motives Certified Trainer and Professional Coordinator Linda Tighe. Read on to find out what she does to succeed in the industry!

What is your favorite part about working with a cosmetics line?

Most of my clients are women.  I love working with women.  Women have a complicated relationship with makeup.  Some revel in it, trying every last trend delighting in transforming their look, others keep it simple, and still others abhor it.  Love it or hate it, women have been wearing makeup for a very long time.  Studies show that women are typically seen as more trustworthy, likable and competent when they’re wearing makeup.  Whether or not we have read the studies, instinctively we are aware of these perceptions. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and a little makeup to enhance your beauty can instantly lift your spirits and raise your confidence.  I love the conversations that I have when I am working with groups of women or one on one.  We don’t talk about makeup so much, but we share stories…share laughs…we connect…we support each other and know each and every one of us has our own unique beauty.  Cosmetics provide an amazing vehicle to bond us.  Making a woman look and feel beautiful can be transformational!

What is your favorite Motives product?

It is so hard to say which motives product is my favorite, I love them all really, but I am in madly in love with our Custom Blend Foundation!!  It is like liquid skin!!   I NEVER leave my house without putting on my Custom Blend Foundation, my eyebrows perfected with the Motives Essential Eyebrow Kit, the Motives Blush Bronzer Duo. I do love wearing red lips!  I think red lips make me feel powerful, I think they say, “Look out world, I’m in charge here!”  I love love the new Motives Red Currant Lip Crayon and Motives for La La Red Carpet Mineral Lipstick!  Gorgeous!  I am a Mom and I am busy, so this is quick and I look polished and fresh in minutes!

What’s the best way to get someone who loves MAC or Smashbox to try Motives?

I have recently been having great success setting up consultations, not to sell, but just to find out what people use, what they like with their products and what they don’t.  Everyone has products that they like and don’t like and can identify missing items they are looking for that companies like MAC or Smashbox don’t have.  Don’t put down their products!  Compliment them on the great choices they have made and suggest some ideas for other items they might be looking for.  People appreciate your honestly and willingness to help.

Bring your tablet and show them the website, and/or bring your catalog and let them browse through.  I love to include the catalog.  They keep it and continue to look through it and circle what they like.  Once they start browsing through the website or the catalog they will fall in love with our gorgeous products and the affordable prices!  Motives has everything they have and more at a more affordable price!  Once someone sees Motives, they can’t help it, they get hooked, trust me!

What is YOUR favorite feature you always share with your customers? 

I love the Motives Cosmetics website!  I love the “Learn” section so much!  I have all my customers take the skin care analysis.  That is a must!  Your skin is your largest organ, it is vital to take care of your skin but hard to know what to buy.  The skin care analysis takes the guess work out of choosing the best products for your skin.  I also love the “Get the Look” in the “Learn” section.  You can choose a look that you like and then find a tutorial that will walk you through how to do it and take your directly to the products you need to achieve that look!  Brilliant!!

Can you share 3 tips with our readers for building their business during the holiday season? 

  • Number one – be a product of the product!  Wear your makeup always!  People will compliment you on your makeup.  There is no better conversation generator.
  • Number two – I find that many men do not know what to get for their girlfriends or wives.  Carry one or two of your favorite products with you at all times.  For example: One of the new limited edition eye shadow palettes like Island Breeze, or  the mineral lip shine Glam, or an illuminating lip shine like Brown Berry, include your favorite lip pencil and create a package, the options are endless!  Just pick what you love, because you will always be the most genuine and enthusiastic about the products you love.  Then have a few extras on hand beautifully gift wrapped.  Ask them if they have found everything they need for their significant other and show them the items you love and let them see that you have them already gift wrapped.  It works!  They will buy them right on the spot!
  • Number three – I just learned this at the Product Symposium from Sarah Rose Stack and it works!  Create a special.  I just created a “Trend” with a group of Lumiere de Vie products.  I sent it out to customers and let my customers know that this is my Holiday Spa package special.  With a purchase of the Spa special, they will receive a free gift!  Then utilize “eGifts” to pick a few items for your customer to choose from as a gift for making the purchase.  How special will they feel when they get the eGift!   Love it!

What is the biggest mistake that Motives Beauty Advisors make when using social media to build their business, and how can they avoid it? 

Social media is so fascinating.  I think people don’t really understand it.  We all enjoy the online community.  We enjoy connecting with friends and family.  We enjoy seeing what is going on in their lives.  Many people love to play games and connect that way.  We love to share and connect.  It is literally a virtual world.  It is not that different than your day to day interactions except that it is online.  But, when it comes to business, one of the biggest mistakes that I see is people forget what they are there for and start advertising products!  That is not what we are there for!!

We are there to develop relationships and share helpful and relevant information.  It would be like going into a busy restaurant, standing up and getting everyone’s attention and then giving a commercial about a product.  No one is in the restaurant to hear a commercial!  They are there to enjoy a meal and the company of the people they are with.  Most of us would never consider doing that, but then we get on Facebook, where people are sharing and connecting, and start advertising products to our 1000 friends.  Instead of creating interest, they chase people away.  Focus on showing interest in what others are talking about by liking and commenting on their posts.  Share helpful content and great beauty and health tips and they will come to you, then you have permission to help solve their problem or help them find what they are looking for.

Thank you so much Linda for taking the time to speak with us and revealing some of your best business-building tips! Do you have questions for Linda? Let us know in the comment box below!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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