Moving Up Seminar In Myrtle Beach: Photos And Recap

This past weekend, Market America | SHOP.COM held a special one day Moving Up Seminar. The Seminar took place in Myrtle Beach, SC, aboard Utopia III. The session was lead by Executive Vice President Dennis Franks and Director Carl Eklund.

A Moving Up Seminar is loaded with UnFranchise® training, call workshops, and networking tips that can lead to faster business growth. Dennis and Carl have been teaching the principles of the Shopping Annuity® for a long time so their expertise is incredible. These seminars act as a way to leverage your business and momentum.

There are still tickets available to the final two Moving Up Seminars this November in Miami Beach. Click here for tickets. We hope to see you there! Below are photos from the seminar in Myrtle Beach.





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