Final Moving Up Seminars of 2018 Come To Miami Beach In November

The end is near. 2018 is coming to a close. Are UnFranchise Owners ready to go out on a high note? We can’t think of a better way to close out the business year than by attending one of our two final Moving Up Seminars of the year in Miami Beach.

The final two Moving Up Seminars of 2018 will take place on November 9-10 and November 11-12. The Seminars will be held in Miami Beach at the Ridinger Estate. The featured speakers for the event are Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler, Executive Directors David and Stacy Whited, and Director Olivia Li.

These events are the perfect business building events to continue your entrepreneurial momentum into 2019. The seminars are filled with an abundance of training and networking opportunities to grow as an UnFranchise Owner. This is such a unique time to learn about the UnFranchise Business and Shopping Annuity® from some of the best leaders in the field in small, personal setting. 

There are tickets still available for each session. Purchase them today before it’s too late! You don’t want to miss out on this event. We hope to see you in Miami!

Moving Up Seminar

Moving Up Seminars 

When: November 9-10 / November 11-12

Where: Miami Beach

Featured speakers

  • Nov. 9–10: Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler, Executive Directors David and Stacy Whited, Director Olivia Li
  • Nov. 11–12: Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler, David and Stacy Whited, Olivia Li

Attending a Moving Up Seminar is a unique opportunity to receive high-level training with Corporate Team members and top income earners from the field amidst the splendor of a luxury yacht. You will receive outstanding training, discover innovative ideas and learn proven business-building techniques in an interactive, small-group setting. This specialized training, if applied, will propel your business to the next level. The cost of attending a Moving Up Seminar is $1,000.00 per person and includes breakfast and lunch each day. Payment in full is required prior to the event. Don’t hesitate — availability is limited. We look forward to seeing you at a Moving Up Seminar soon!

To register to attend one of these November Moving Up Seminars in Miami Beach, Fla., visit and click on “Moving Up Seminar” to download the reservation form. Please send the completed registration form or any questions to Stacey Amick at (336) 389-6729 or email staceya@marketamerica.comClick here to view the flyer to learn more about the event.




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