National Couples Day – Spa Day

Happy National Couples Day! Love is in the air and it is time to spend some time with your person. With our busy schedules, we have to find pockets of time to pause and appreciate each other. Relationships take work, but all the love and hard work you put into it will make it blossom. What better way to spend time with the one you love than a spa day! You both deserve it!

Get Into Character

Spa days call for robes and comfy slippers. Bonus points if you two are matching! It’s time to get comfortable and turn technology off so that you can focus on each other. 

Set the Mood

This is a time to relax and focus not only on your connection with each other but your connection with yourselves. Spa days are all about wellness. Set up a meditative, safe space with relaxing music and your favorite candle. Bonus points if you make some healthy cocktails to glow from the inside out! 

Massage or Facial?

What is your favorite spa treatment? If your love language is physical touch, I would go for a massage. If your love language is quality time, put on a mask and tell your partner 10 reasons why you love and appreciate them.

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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