Never Forget To Reorder Products Again With Text Reminders

If you have a phone, more than likely, you’re going to text. According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans uses text messaging at least once per day. If texting is used so frequently, it’s time to use this service in the UnFranchise® Business. 

Market America has launched a text reminder system that will send you a weekly text containing all of the products that you may need to reorder if you are close to running out of those products. The products that are included in your text reminder are based off of your previous orders and their shelf life. For example, if you ordered a 90-day supply of Isotonix OPC-3®, you would receive a reminder approximately two weeks before you would run out of that product.

These text reminders will keep UFOs on top of their exclusive product use and more important, their BV consumption. 1500 BV is needed per quarter to reach Shopping Annuity® Master Member status so it’s important to stay on-top of your orders. This texting service is the perfect solution for those who forget to reorder their favorite products.

In addition to weekly text reminders, you can also view a full list of products for easy reorder by visiting > Ordering > Reorder. There, you can reorder your favorite products with Express Pay to save time.  

Never run out of exclusive products by signing up for our texting service today!




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