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One of our favorite things about our events is sharing our newest products with you and MAWC 2022 was no different. Marc Ashley introduced three new exciting additions to our health and nutrition offerings and while we don’t play favorites, we really think you’re going to love these.

Daily Greens | Powder & Tablet

Available in both a powder and tablet form, Daily Greens contains natural grass fibers, plant-sourced nutrients, ginger, beetroot, and probiotics.  We love the powder for the ease of adding it to other products you are already taking. Dr. Dee mentioned on stage at MAWC, that blending is becoming an even more popular health and wellness trend and with the powder, you can harness the power of thirteen greens in just one scoop. Daily Greens makes a great addition to your TLS Nutrition Shake as well as paired with our all-new, MycoAdapt powder.

GlutaQ | Capsule

The powerhouse blend of GlutaQ (Glutathione + Quercetin), works more efficiently and effectively together, promoting a youthful cell cycle, cellular health and function, and cognitive health, all for immune support and healthy aging.*⁠

MycoAdapt | Powder

This powder harnesses the power of mushrooms and adaptogens, hence the name MycoAdapt. This formula offers a healthy balance of adaptogens intended to support the harmony of the body and its many systems that play into the overall immune system.* One scoop has 4g of powerful mushrooms. This powder can easily be added to any beverage due to its neutral taste, making it easy to incorporate MycoAdapt into your daily wellness routine.

New Trial-Size Marketing Packs were also announced over the weekend and the crowd was so excited for these offerings. Though we have the best products, we still think it’s important to have a chance to try before you buy.

TLS Thermochrome V6
Bliss Anti-Stress Formula
Neuro Focus



During MAWC, Dr. Deedra Mason talked a lot about the wellness trend of ‘blending’ which is why we’re so excited that two of our newest products make that possible. MycoAdapt + Daily Greens + TLS Nutrition Shake + Ultimate Aloe Powder + Pure Collage, the options are endless.

Which new products have you ordered? Let us know in the comments and be sure to review your new favorites.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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