Update: New IBV Requirements For SAMM Qualification

It has been proven to be a fact that Shopping Annuity® Master Members (SAMM) earn more money in commission over a four week pay period than UnFranchise® Owners who are not SAMMs. However, the SAMM program had some discrepancies when it came to its qualification numbers. Specifically, it’s IBV numbers.

Before MAWC2019, in order to qualify for the SAMM program, UnFranchise Owners needed to spend $3000 per quarter. However, Marc Ashley and the rest of the corporate decided that this needed to change so that UFOs would focus on the IBV instead of spending $3000. Starting very soon, Marc announced that the SAMM is changing from $3000 spend per quarter to a 300 IBV per quarter*.

This is only the first step in the overhaul of the IBV qualifications for SAMM. In the coming years, the IBV numbers will eventually raise but that’s only because more products will offer IBV. This is a change that will only be beneficial to your Shopping Annuity.

To recap the change, we attached the IBV PowerPoint slide that explains the change. You can download it by clicking here. It is also located below.

*The new SAMM program starts April 1, 2019 in all countries. (IBV minimums will vary in every market.)




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