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New & Improved Weight Loss & Lifestyle Profile by TLS

TLS Weight Loss Solution is excited to share with you the new and improved Weight Loss and Lifestyle Profile.

Profile Improvements 

  • More engaging both visually and in its content  
  • Questions are easier to read, include more options for a greater understanding of your customer
  • Shorter without compromising on the accuracy of the results. In fact, it is more specific to the person’s needs than ever before
  • TLS kits and other essential health and nutrition products are now included in the potential results

When you complete the profile, the results page lets you know which of the TLS programs and products are right for you. It is simple and efficient and now you can download the documents you need and add products to the cart, right from that page! You can access your previous results anytime, on this page of your TLS site.

What’s In It For You

As a UFO, did you know that you received your very own site? When a customer has completed their profile, you’ll get an email so you can properly follow up. The TLS Profile Quiz on provides a leveraged approach to managing your customers, like the Skin Care Quiz on Motives, let it be the expert

You also have incredible value to give away for free so share this with your existing customers and potential new customers.

Share this great news using image assets you can download from the TLS Coaches Support Group on Facebook. – You just need to be a UFO to join and answer the admittance questions.

‘Add to cart’ has now been added on both the results page and the results email with the intention of increasing your product sales, but remember, the fortune is in the follow-up. 

We Went Digital

TLS recently updated and transitioned the physical TLS 12-week Health Guide and Journal to a digital format. It sold online for $24.95, and now it is free for your customers when they complete the new and improved profile. When they scroll down on their results page, they will see a banner that prompts them to download it. 


Weight loss is a hot market, people need solutions, and we have the best. If you have ever been hesitant in the past to explore TLS as a major or minor, there has never been a better time. It is simple, systemized, and leveraged, there is no need to be an expert to begin. Gather some friends and family who have a desire to look and feel better, have everyone take the improved lifestyle profile, download their menu plan, recipe booklet, and the new digital 12-week journal, and follow along together, week to week, chapter to chapter. 


Ready for more? If you want to watch and learn from the TLS experts, leverage the upcoming TLS 7-8-28 Challenge. Learn more about it here. Don’t leave it to fate, join the 7-8-28.


Thanks for reading and remember, you are worth it! 

Melanie Nelson

TLS Director of Sales 

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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