New Products, Challenge Winners, & Getting Back to Basics: Afternoon Session of MAIC Day 1

We packed a ton of important information, performances, and exciting announcements into the afternoon session of day one of MAIC 2013! Read on for a recap of the events. 

Conquer Entertainment Performance

Nadia Turner, American Idol finalist, kicked off the afternoon session by serenading the crowd with an upbeat performance that included an original single. What a way to energize the crowd and get everyone excited for the presentations to come!

Amanda Ridinger talks about leveraging the power of Conquer Entertainment®

CEO of Conquer Entertainment Amanda Ridinger took the stage to talk with us about how all UnFranchise® Owners can tap into the “BV Powerhouse” that is Conquer Entertainment! Michele Molinaro, Market America’s 2013 Top Retailer of the year took the stage to share how she leverages Conquer and discovers new customers through social media.

Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony present new Motives® products

Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger and actress/entrepreneur La La Anthony were welcomed front and center with a standing ovation. La La and Loren shared with us one of the newest and most exciting products in the Motives® line; the Motives Beauty Advisor Staret Kit! La La couldn’t stop talking about what an amazing tool the new beauty box is. “[With this kit] we’ve taken out all the guesswork, we’ve made it easy for you to sell the product! Anyone can sell Motives with this kit, it’s such a powerful tool.”

Loren and La La talked about their tips and tricks for creating your own Pop-Up Shop on a budget. Loren said, “a Pop-Up Shop is an amazing way you all can expose the Motives brand in a way that hasn’t been done before. It’s a retail money making machine!”

Loren then shared with us the outstanding success that Motives® has been having on Instagram. By simply reaching out to several top beauty experts and providing them with Motives beauty products, Motives has been provided with hundreds of high-quality makeup pictorials that you all can use on your social media pages to create interest and identify new customers. “Take these photos and post them on your own social media pages,” Loren said. “As long as you give credit to the beauty experts who created the photo, use these photos as a tool to help you share and sell your products.”

Andrew Weissman on getting back to basics

Andrew Weissman kept the party going with a presentation about getting back to basics. And who better to welcome to the stage than Field Vice President Keith Doyle? After talking about how he’s been “getting back to basics” by building into the homes, Director Oliva Li shared her simple yet effective tips for building your business and leveraging your time. “You can’t enable someone; you have to encourage them,” Olivia said.

TLS Weight Loss solution: The program, new products, and Challenge winners!

Director of TLS® Weight Loss Solution Lydia Martinez took the stage to talk about how TLS has helped people everywhere change the number on the scale through a low-glycemic diet. Because eating healthy and maintaining a diet is hard for busy entrepreneurs, TLS has taken the guesswork out of dieting by incorporating a wide variety of products that are designed to fit your personality, lifestyle, commitment levels, goals, physical needs, and budget. After discussing the benefits of the TLS products you already know and love, Coach Lydia then shared with us some of the newest products in the TLS line.

We were then introduced to the individual winners of the 2013 Spring TLS Weight Loss Find Your Fit Challenge! Congrats to 1st place winner Dan Beiler, 2nd place winner Rob Alvarez, and 3rd place winner Jennifer Richmond. When asked what made him want to do the challenge, Beiler responded, “[Before the Challenge] I was dying. I didn’t understand what was happening to my body. I was scared and confused….I just said, ‘I gotta make a change, but I don’t know what that looks like.’ But now I know it looks like this!”

Once the crowd settled down, Lydia introduced the winners of the Group Challenge: Kyle Huffman, Tracy Steinbach, and Brent Steinbach, AKA “Team Xtreme!” Huffman surprised Coach Lydia by picking her up and holding her in his arms with ease, saying, “Sorry Lydia, I just wanted to sweep you off your feet!” 😉

Before signing off, Lydia made sure to touch on the $100,000 in prizes that will be awarded to the winners of the upcoming Fall 2013 TLS Weight Loss Find Your Fit Challenge! In addition, individuals who purchase a Find Your Fit Challenge Kit will receive an amazing never-before-seen discount! Visit the TLS Weight Loss booth for more info on how you can snag a great price on these weight loss products.

Retailing with Kevin Buckman

Kevin Buckman, VP of 1-to-1 Marketing and Field Training said it best: “Retailing is the most important part of this business! There is no reason to prospect, recruit and sponsor if we’re not going to sell product. Don’t you agree?” Kevin then invited Karen Marino and Jacki Blasko on stage to share their tips and experience retailing products successfully.

Following Jacki and Karen’s presentation, Tony and Michele Molinaro spoke about the power of SHOP.COM Trends. Michele walked the crowd through how to use the newly redesigned Trends feature on SHOP.COM. “What if you actually created [your potential customers] a Trend with the products you both spoke about and emailed it to them, instead of hoping they would remember the name of the product you recommended?” Michele explained that by creating unique Trends for your customers, you make it easier and faster for them to find and order a product from your portal. Tony finished the presentation with some advice for the crowd: “Devote 20 minutes a day to your social media campaign, and make sure that SHOP.COM Trends is part of it!”

Jeremy Fennema and Sarah Rose Stack talk ma® WebCenters

There’s nothing better than when Jeremy Fennema and Sarah Rose Stack take the stage to talk about ma WebCenters! Jeremy and Sarah shared some exciting ma WebCenters initiatives, which include brand new certified WebCenter trainings, WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track, and –get this- the ability for every WebCenter owner to sell websites in any country they want and earn home-country profit and BV. This is huge and something we are really excited about! Now you have more opportunities than ever to build your business, expand your team, and reach your goals!

New products with Elizabeth Benton and Dr. Deedra Mason

Never has there been this much excitement about new products! After listening to Elizabeth Benton and Dr. Deedra Mason’s stage presentation, everyone is eager to try the newest additions to the Market America product lines. Find out more about the products that debuted this afternoon here.

Did you have a favorite day 1 presentation? Tell us which one and why in the comments below!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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