NEW: Pulse Feature On The UnFranchise Marketing App

Marc Ashley just had our Pulse Feature Announcement! Teased last event, with this new feature on the UnFranchise Marketing app, you will be able to keep a finger on the pulse of your customers. From notifications of new customers’ first orders to tracking recurring orders, you will be updated regularly and have the ability to customize your digital interactions as a retailer!

Pulse Features

Pulse will enable you to:

  • View Customers Order History 
  • Review Customers on AutoShip 
  • View Active & Inactive Customers and when they last purchased
  • Maintain a list all customers you have completed your follow ups with

You will receive push notifications for: 

  • When new customers order their first order
  • Upcoming autoships 
  • Active & Inactive customer statuses 
  • Follow-up reminders & tasks



This part of Pulse will keep you up to date on every one of your customers’ AutoShip activities.

You will:

  • Know when your customers are active on AutoShip
  • Know when their next order is scheduled to ship within 7 days
  • Be able to set reminders for their orders
  • Be able to set reminders for follow-ups


First Order Review & Information

Being able to see what your new customer first ordered is crucial to comprehending your consumers. Having received the notification, you will be directed to their order details page. On this page, you can review everything they have ordered at once, giving you insight into their consumer patterns. From this review process, you will have the option to follow up immediately with a message, or schedule a reminder for a follow-up at a later time.


Following Up

Although a “follow-up” may seem daunting, Pulse provides you with pre-written messages for you to send to your customers. Having these pre-written messages available provides you with support and even education for how follow-ups are typically conducted. Once you become familiar with the process, you can personalize your follow-ups to hone in on your customer’s wants and needs.


Active vs. Inactive Customers

Pulse features also include business intelligence that will give you insight into the activity or inactivity of customers as well as your activity and inactivity with them.

With active customers, Pulse will indicate:

  • Active Customers who placed orders within 25, 60, 90 days
  • The order history of all your customers
  • When you last followed up with your customer

With inactive customers, Pulse will indicate:

  • Customers who have not placed orders within the last 90 days
  • Targeted campaigns featuring new products and/or promotions to encourage a new order

As promised, Pulses a feature on the UnFranchise Marketing app that supports and guides you into improving your retailing capabilities. All that’s left is your part – to utilize it! If you haven’t already, download the UnFranchise Marketing app now!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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