New Ticket Sales Dashboard Available Now

One of the most important measures of how your team is growing is the number of business partners that you have at the company’s major training events. The more partners at the event, the faster that you and your team are going to grow. Until now, this was very hard to measure with accuracy.

Market America Worldwide is proud to introduce the Ticket Sales Dashboard on that will measure all ticket sales activity on your team. You now have the ability to view how many tickets have been purchased on the left or right sides of your organization. If you want to look further, the details will show you exactly who has purchased tickets and how many they purchased. You will have the ability to celebrate the people leading the way on your team and plan for the team to be together at the major event.

Just as important is knowing who has not purchased tickets on your team. This will also be detailed out on the left and right sides of your organization. This will give you the ability to reach out and encourage these partners to take the step toward success and purchase their tickets. Many times a simple phone call and encouraging voice make all the difference in someone attending the event.

The Ticket Sales Dashboard not only gives you the total number of tickets purchased for the next event but also provides detailed information on the previous event. After the event, it will show you how many partners attended, if there were unassigned tickets, and if there were any tickets that were not used. This will allow you to reach out to teammates and improve the performance and attendance going into the next major event.

This is just the beginning. We will continue to add and improve on the UFO Dashboard to give our UnFranchise® Owners all the information needed to build their UnFranchise Businesses to new levels.

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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