New Year Goal Setting Tips for Motives Beauty Advisors

The new year is finally here! A new beginning is the perfect time to sit down, get your goals in check and come up with your execution plan so that you are set up for success. Keep reading for some tips to help you conquer your goals this year!

  1. First thing’s first, your inner voice. Sometimes we are our harshest critics but we need a fresh positive outlook and mindset in order to put forth our best in all we do. Here are a few ways to welcome a positive inner voice that can help you realign and stay focused.
  2.  Brain-dump. In addition to relieving ourselves of any negative self-talk, we must ensure we get all our wonderful ideas + goals out of our brains so we can see them, sit with them and develop them. A brain-dump simply means writing out absolutely everything and anything that is on your mind out on paper. Start with large topics and work your way down to the small thoughts. Once it’s on paper, break each of those items down so that you can clearly see what each of those topics or ideas entail. This is a great way to set yourself up to map out your goals.
  3. Select and define your top goals. Select the larger goals you came up with during your brain-dump exercise and create an order in which you’d like to achieve them. You can choose to execute each of them quarterly, monthly or even week-to-week. Now here’s a very crucial tip, these larger goals have many small tasks that it takes to achieve them. Breakdown the large goals into 3 actionable steps and make sure they have specific measurable attributes.

         For example, if your goal is to become more consistent on social media, your 3 actionable steps can be:

    1. Engage with my clients/followers on Facebook and Instagram 30 minutes a day.
    2. Post 3X a week on Instagram and/or Facebook.
    3. Stay engaged on the Motives Cosmetics Pro Partner Community Facebook Page for tips and support.

         Note: You can then break these 4 actionable steps down further for a more clear action plan.

         *Post 3+ times a week on Instagram and/or Facebook.*

    1. Film a “Get Ready With Me” makeup tutorial video every Thursday at 5PM.
    2. Snap a picture anytime I am wearing Motives products and jot down the details as a note on my phone to have for reference later.
    3. Show up on stories 2X a week on the days when I have no post.  

        So on and so forth…

4. Schedule yourself and commit. Consistency is key with anything in life. Breakdown each goal you have made for yourself and make a mock                    schedule of how it can fit in your day-to-day.  Be realistic and honest with yourself.

5. Always remember your why. Your “why” is your purpose, your motivation and what you believe in. Let it lead you through all you do. Learn how to define your why with Loren Ridinger here. 

We are so excited for a fresh new year and to see you all continue to shine in all you set your minds to. It takes grit, hard work and focus. You’ve got this.

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Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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