New Year’s Resolutions for UFO’s

If you haven’t already, UnFranchise owners should set New Year’s Resolutions that encourage the improvement of their entrepreneurial skillsets. Find out some sample resolutions you can incorporate into your goals this year.

ubp resolutions

Complete a UBP Every Month

Even if that includes presenting a UBP to your cat, it’s important to practice the skill set of your retail performance. Are you traveling anywhere this year? Take the opportunity to chat with your airplane buddy about your work! Watch some UBP’s online to get comfortable with your own style of presentation.

zoom sessions resolutions

Attend at least Twenty Zoom sessions

Every time you tune in, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. Strive for two a month – total of 24 sessions in one year. This makes the total of 20 session attendances entirely feasible. Keep an eye on the Zoom schedule to see which sessions are best for you. Choose based on your own schedule, your favorite UnFranchise speakers, and the session topics.

shop live resolutions

Familiarize Yourself with our Assets

Be it CarSaver, Hurdlr, SHOP LIVE, social media, or cryptocurrency – all of these are tools for your retailing success! Make sure you know where they are located, how to access them, how they work, and how they can help you retail products.

customer retail resolutions

Get to Know Your Customer

We all know that every one of our products are of high quality and in high demand. However, do you know what YOUR customer wants the most? Make a list of products to retail for every month of the year that’s specific to your Business Development Center. Not only will you sell more products, but your customers will grow even more loyal to you for providing them with precisely the products they’re looking for!

bv and ibv resolutions

Develop Your Own Resolution

There are so many ways you can improve yourself as a UFO. Here are another few ideas for goals you can set for yourself this year:

  • Bring 5 prospective UFOs to MAWC2022
  • Fill up your IBV and BV twice in a row over two months
  • Host your own event for prospective UFO’s

You know you are more than capable to achieve all of these and more. Select the resolutions you like best and go for them!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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