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Now Available: New SHOP.COM Mastercard Gift Card

How many of you would like a gift card that can be used anywhere? The Market America | SHOP.COM teams listened and created the perfect solution!

Introducing the new SHOP.COM Mastercard Gift Card. The card is available for all UnFranchise Owners and Preferred Customers. Just for purchasing the card, UFOs will receive an instant 2% IBV since it is considered a OneCart product.

The gift card is available in $50, $75, and $100 increments. This card can be used in the U.S. only (online or in stores) where Mastercard debit cards are accepted and the funds loaded onto the card will never expire. It’s the best gift for someone who likes to pick out and buy their own presents.

Not only can you earn 2% IBV off the card, but you can also double and even triple dip for greater Cashback and IBV rewards. How is that possible? Check out Marc Ashley’s presentation below.

Buy the SHOP.COM Mastercard Gift Card today and earn Cashback and IBV!

Terms and conditions apply.

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