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NOW LIVE: The Motives Sublime Collection

Who’s ready for the upcoming holiday season? We are so excited to share that we have officially launched the new Motives Sublime collection!

The Sublime Eye Shadow Palette

Social life is coming back, and it’s infused with festive optimism — after all, it’s the holiday season! Even if we need to keep the celebrations to a tight-knit group, we still need to bring on the glam. What better way to do that than with the Motives® Sublime Eye Shadow Palette? This gorgeous palette features a neutral matte taupe, a shimmering champagne, a gold-glittered smokey brown, and an elegant pearlescent emerald. Give the night something to obsess over with your sublime new look.


The Sublime Eye Shadow Palette includes the following elevated shades:

  • Elevate: a neutral matte taupe
  • Divine: a pearlescent emerald green
  • Supreme: a gold-glittered smokey brown
  • Glorious: a shimmering champagne


Sublime Eye Shadow Palette Benefits

  • Features a blend of neutral and statement shades in matte, pearl and glitter finishes
  • Shades boast a high color payoff with a silky texture that applies smoothly and blends effortlessly
  • Eye shadows can be worn wet or dry for different effects
  • Palette fits in your palm and includes a dual-ended applicator for beauty on the go
  • Paraben-free


Sublime Eye Shadow Palette FAQs

What is included in the Motives® Sublime Eye Shadow Palette?
This palette offers four neutral and statement color eye shadows in a mix of matte, pearl and glitter finishes. These sublime shades come together in a compact palette that fits in your palm and even includes a convenient dual-ended applicator, giving you everything you need for looks on the go.

What are the finishes of each shade?

Shade finishes are as follows: Elevate (Matte), Divine (Pearl), Supreme (Glitter), and Glorious (Pearl).

Will these eye shadows crease or flake?

These eye shadows have impeccable color retention and are resistant to flaking and creasing.

Is the Motives Sublime Eye Shadow Palette tested on animals?
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.


Sublime Luminizing Jelly

Take a dip in this incredibly sublime, high-shine potion. Completely versatile and easily transitional, this jelly-like gloss will take your look to next-level glow. This multitasking highlighter is designed to be worn over makeup to add a glossy look to eyes, cheekbones, lips, collarbones, EVERYWHERE! It’s our best-kept secret, and we are obsessed.

Sublime Luminizing Jelly Benefits

  • Features a lightweight, light-reflecting jelly formula
  • Includes two versatile shades to be worn over makeup for a next-level glow
  • Applies smoothly with your fingers or a brush
  • Jelly formula goes on wet and dries down for a comfortable, glossy wear
  • Paraben-free

Sublime Luminizing Jelly FAQs

What is included in the Motives® Sublime Luminizing Jelly?
The Motives Sublime Luminizing Jelly features two shades of high-shine jelly highlighter in Gold and Iridescent.

How do I use the Motives Sublime Luminizing Jelly?

Using your fingertips or a brush, apply to your eyes, cheeks, lips or even your collarbone for a glossy glow. This jelly formula can be worn alone or layered with other products for a next-level shine.

Pro Tip: Apply a little at a time to blend as desired before product sets.

Can I layer additional powder highlighter over the Jelly?

Yes! This product was made for layering, whether it be on top of your foundation or eye shadow for a glossy glow or layered with a powder highlighter for full-on glam.

Is the Motives Sublime Luminizing Jelly tested on animals?
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product


Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette

Maximize your mixing skills with the Motives® Hand-Held Mixing Palette — an essential makeup accessory to keep on your vanity or in your artistry kit to mix all your favorite formulas easily, cleanly, and safely. Whether you use the palette to mix serum/SPF into your foundation, mix one of the new Sublime Luminizing Jellies with your favorite eye shadow, or just to apply product to keep the back of your hand free of unwanted stains, you will find more ways than one to take advantage of this innovative tool. It cleans off easily with a makeup wipe or your favorite cleaner.

Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette Benefits

  • Lightweight and wearable, this palette makes mixing and shade matching a breeze
  • Create custom colors and finishes with ease on this palette
  • Travel-friendly size fits perfectly in your makeup bag
  • 100% acrylic palette is hygienic and easy to clean

Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette FAQs

How do I use the Motives® Hand-Held Mixing Palette?

Slide palette over your non-dominant hand, with handle side facing into palm. Apply any product you want to customize or color-match directly onto the clean palette. Use it to blend or to simply hold your product and keep your hand clean. Be sure to clean the palette between uses, using your favorite cleanser or mild soap and water.

What is the Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette made of?

The Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette is 100% acrylic, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

How big is the Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette?

The Motives Hand-Held Mixing Palette is 2.36” x 2.36” (60 mm x 60 mm).


Join us this Friday, October 8th at 11:3o AM EST on the Motives Instagram page as Celebrity Makeup Artist, Claudia Betancur will be showcasing her tips and tricks to achieving a gorgeous green smokey eye using the Sublime Eye Shadow Palette.

This is the ultimate lineup for the holiday season. Whether it’s for gifting to others or to yourself, these products will surely be loved. Make sure to shop the Sublime collection now!


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Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

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