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You will be happy to hear that the standard website build form has been updated with the Oasis option! This means that if your WebCenter is in a market where Oasis is available (US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, or Singapore), the public build form on your WebCenter public-facing website will only allow Oasis sites to be built.  To manage the Build Settings, login to your webcenter, click “Website,” then “Tools,” and select “Website Build Options.”

You can set this function to do 1 of 2 things:

  1. You can set this function in your WebCenter to “Contact Build”: if a candidate uses this public website build form, it will send you an email notifying you to contact the candidate for a consultation and web demo. At the same time, you can create a custom message for the candidate when they submit this form.  This provides you the best opportunity to work with your candidate for their best options.
  2. You can set this function in your WebCenter to “Self Service Build”: if a candidate uses the public website build form, they will be able to select an Oasis template and launch a trial period for this site, as well as purchase this site based on your Default Pricing and BV Placement.







If you have a candidate that needs to build a Legacy site, then you can still do that within the WebCenter admin as a Contact build or via the sales calendar wizard.

If the WebCenter Owner is in a market that doesn’t allow Oasis (currently Hong Kong and Taiwan), then the build forms remain the same using the Legacy website builder.

The ExploreMA.com build form has not been updated to leverage the Oasis platform, but that is coming soon!

Also, the WebCenter Pro Account’s build form has not been updated to allow Oasis website templates yet but will be very soon. In the meantime, it is suggested that all WebCenter Professional Accounts set their Build Options within the “WebCenter” menu navigation under “Tools” to Contact Build for best results.

We are constantly working on improving your experience with the Oasis platform in all phases of the selling process.  For any questions on your WebCenter admin, please contact support at 866-WEB-HELP or help@mawebcenters.com

ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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