Our Team Behind the Scenes: 2022 Employee Award Ceremony & Holiday Party

One thing that makes the UnFranchise Business so empowering is the fact that we have a tremendous corporate team which goes above and beyond for our UnFranchise Owners. These are the people who help make it all happen behind the scenes, and play a major role in the overall success of each and every UFO around the world. We’d like to take a moment to thank all the Market America | SHOP.COM employees who help ensure our global success, and also share with you some awesome pictures from our recent 2022 Employee Award Ceremony and Holiday Party in Greensboro, NC. As you can see below, we truly are built on People Power!!!

SHOP.COM Employee Award Winners

Employee of the Year:

  • Don Tuck


Teamwork and Leadership:

  • Penny Varcoe

Market America Employee Award Winners 

Creativity and Innovation

  • Kristin MacCaull
  • Lisa Sears
  • Gabe Ingram
  • Sara Smith


  • Austin Cagwin
  • Aparna Bhan
  • Enya Krajan
  • Meredith Stone
  • Liliana Camara
  • Aimee Sizemore
  • Bob Boudreau
  • Casey Mendez
  • Charissa Melvin
  • Nicole Propst
  • Thomas Baker

Commitment & Dependability

  • Wendy Jessup
  • Stephen Fuller
  • Christine Jian
  • Donna McIntyre
  • Cary Cid
  • Jennifer Lin
  • Felicia Wallace
  • Pamela Ruiz
  • Carla Henry
  • Laura Magalan

Scott & Tina Ashley

  • Suzanne Hughett


  • Mike Breckenridge
  • Donald Hall

Employees of the Year

  • Brandi Foster
  • Andrew Bonner
  • Sherry Bruce

JR Ridinger Leadership

  • Brandi Quinn



2022 Holiday Party Highlights

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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