Paper Products Every Good Host Should Stock Up On

By: Guest Blogger, Kellie Fry

A good host is always prepared; few things put more of a damper on a party, than having to excuse yourself and run to the store. While having enough food and drinks to keep your guests happy is likely on the top of your list, stocking up on basics is also crucial to throwing a successful shindig. Be sure that you are prepared for your next party of out-of-town guest with these Home Essentials from SHOP.COM during the Home Essentials Stock Up Sale:

Bounty® Basic Select-a-Size Paper Towels

Spills happen, and being able to clean them quickly requires a quality paper towel. Bounty Basic is affordably priced, but strong enough to tackle any mess that may occur. Bounty’s Diamond Weave Texture is surprisingly strong and earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Hide a bottle of club soda and stain remover nearby, with a couple rolls of Bounty, so you can swiftly clean up any spill and get back to the party.

Charmin Bathroom Tissue

Quality bathroom tissue makes any lavatory feel more luxurious. Charmin’s soft and strong design will make your guests’ restroom visit that much more comfortable. These 2-ply sheets are safe for skeptic tanks to prevent potential headaches down the road. Be sure to have extra rolls available and visible to save your guests from having to make any embarrassing requests from behind the bathroom door.

Bounty® Paper Towels with Dawn

Bounty Paper Towels with Dawn is a convenient two-in-one product that combines ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with the tough, grease fighting power of Dawn. These cleansing towels don’t leave behind any visible residue and the water activated bubbles give you effective cleaning power when you need it most. Whether you need to quickly wash some dishes or wipe down a sticky counter, Bounty with Dawn is your quick clean solution.

Puffs® Plus Lotion Facial Tissue

These winter months are prime cold and flu season, so it is especially important to make sure you have Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues on hand for any sneezing guest that may show up at your door. These lotion-treated tissues will help your guests say goodbye to chapped nostrils and lips, and instead focus on having a good time. The attractive, designer packaging adds some pop, acting as a lovely room accent rather than an eye sore. Keep a box in the bathroom, kitchen and living room, so your guests will have easy access to a tissue whenever they need one most.


Hosting guests, whether it’s for an evening or a full weekend, can come with stress. Help alleviate some of that pressure by ordering plenty of your household essentials early, and having them delivered directly to your home.

You’re in luck! Now is the time to stock up on all of your guest-essentials during our Home Essentials Stock Up Sale! Click HERE to shop! (insert link when available)

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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