Payment Options To Change For New UnFranchise Owners

There are changes on the horizon in terms of payment options for new UnFranchise Owners.

In the past, when registering a new business partner, the sponsoring UnFranchise Owner could pay for the initial order. This was to help new UnFranchise Owners who did not have credit cards or online banking. With all of the advancements in online banking and availability of credit cards, there are an abundance of ways UFOs can make payments.

Because of this, effective July 13, 2017, only the new UnFranchise Owner will be able to pay for his or her initial order.

The corporate team and executives felt that by having the sponsoring UFO pay for the initial offer, it was creating an unnecessary step. By removing this an unnecessary step, it will only help to streamline the registration process. Therefore, the new UFOs can begin to grow in this company more quickly and smoothly.

By paying for your initial order yourself, it shows that you are committed to building your UnFranchise Business. Paying for something yourself means that you are all-in on the product. You believe in what the product can do. The same mindset applies to the UnFranchise Business. You believe that the UnFranchise Business is a way to change your lifestyle and put you on the 2 to 3 year plan towards success!

Thank you for your continuous support and as JR always says, Keep Growing!




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