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Perfecting Your Before & After Photos

Whether you’re on your beauty, health or weight loss journey, before photos are always a pleasure to look back on once you see your after photo. While you may not always feel like taking that before photo in the moment – your future self will thank you. Check out some tips for maximizing those photos for your social media and to be featured on our accounts!

  1. Take the photo: we’ve all been there, not feeling confident to take the before photos but take it anyways. The good news is, you don’t ever have to share it. At least take the snap for yourself to reference as the weeks progress. Plus, once you see your results you might be ready to share the photos with your customers and community. You won’t regret it.
  2. Use a plain background: this is important to not take away from the progress you’re sharing. Busy, overstimulating photos are tough on the eyes and harsh on the Instagram grid as well. Be sure you’re using the same plain background for both the before and after photos as well. That way, the focus stays on the results and not the space around it.

Next time you’re participating in our health, skin or weight loss challenge, be sure to reference these tips and share them with your customers and network.




Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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