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Pre-Order Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Flushable And Baby Wipes

The Collective Buying Power train keeps on rolling. Now, you have the opportunity to cast your vote (pre-order) for the Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Flushable Wipes and Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Baby Wipes.

Our votes (pre-orders) determine the products we introduce to the line and increases the ability to convert spending into earning. This Collective Buying Power has led to the introduction of several new Shopping Annuity Brand products including Shopping Annuity Brand Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Razors and Razor Blades, Sunscreen, Premium Coffee Brew Cups and most recently, Premium Shaving Cream.

Simply log in to, click “Ordering” and then click “Collective Buying Power.” This will take you to a simple, short survey as well as to the pre-order process. Take a moment to complete the survey and place your vote (preorder).

Presale: Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Flushable Wipes (3 packs of 50 wipes)
Code: 2401 | UC: $6.99 | BV: 3

Presale: Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Baby Wipes (2 packs of 100)
Code: 2402 | UC: $8.99 | BV: 3

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