Preparing to Attend Your First Local Seminar

Local Seminars are a great way to build your knowledge and belief in the business. If you or someone you know will be attending their first Local Seminar, you might be wondering what to wear or what you should bring with you. Here are some ideas and helpful tips on what you can expect.

Be prepared to take notes
Make sure to bring a pen and paper to take notes with. You are going to learn a lot, but the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by all the information and forget half of it by the time you walk out the door! Stick a notepad and something to write with in your car the night before so you won’t forget and end up asking the guy next to you for an extra pen.

Gen-Y entrepreneurs, take note: if you’re someone who prefers to take notes on your laptop or tablet, make sure to bring a writing utensil in addition to your electronic device. Once you arrive at the Local Seminar, ask the speaker if it’s ok to use your laptop or tablet to take notes, or if they prefer that you stick to a note pad. Laptops, tablets, and phones have a tendency to distract some speakers, and oftentimes attendees who take notes with these devices appear inattentive, bored, and can distract others. If you are permitted to use something else other than a note pad, make sure you only use it for notes. Resist the urge to check your Facebook, email, or Twitter, because doing so will distract you as well as those around you.

Silence your devices before walking in the door
Don’t be “that guy” who forgets to turn off their phone and receives a call in the middle of the seminar that distracts the entire room. If you can’t turn off your phone completely, double and triple check you have put it on silent before you walk in the door. Just. Do. It.

Eat a well-balanced meal
What’s worse than hunger pains and a grumbling stomach? Forgetting to eat a meal and being so hungry that you want to eat your note pad during a Local Seminar, of course! Make it a point to eat a well-balanced meal before heading out the door. While you won’t be doing much physical activity during the seminar, you will still need nutrients and energy to keep your brain (and your concentration) going for several hours.

Go to the bathroom
Remember what your mom used to tell you before a long car trip? “Even if you don’t have to go, go now so we don’t have to stop later!” The same applies to a local seminar. ‘Nuff said.

Sit strategically
If you know you will have to step out at some point, frequently, or for a bathroom break (Didn’t you listen to what I said already?), choose a seat near an exit so you won’t disturb other attendees or the speaker when you get up.

Arrive early
Arrive early so you can snag a good seat and get settled in before the seminar starts. Another benefit of arriving early: you have time to talk to other attendees and network!

Dress to impress
While we don’t suggest donning the same tux you wore to your high school prom (baby blue with ruffles, maybe?), we also don’t suggest rolling out of bed and grabbing the first thing that smells clean. Come dressed in business casual attire, which can mean khakis, fitted pants, button-up shirts, or polo shirts. If you’re not familiar with the term business casual, Google it; there’s a wealth of information out there (with pictures!) on what is acceptable business-casual attire.

Make sure to let your guests know about the dress code, too. The last thing you want to happen is for them to feel uncomfortable because they’re under or over-dressed. You could even let them know what you’re wearing; this will make them feel like you’re looking out for them, while giving them an idea of what should expect to wear.

We post a list of Local Seminars on the ma Blog each week, so check back tomorrow to see if there’s one near you!

Do you have any tips for someone attending their first Local Seminar? Make sure to share them with us by posting in the comment section below!


Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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