Prioritizing Men’s Health

June is Men’s Health month and a great chance for you, or the man in your life, to take inventory on their own person health and wellness goals. Whether it’s learning about new products that may benefit you or breaking out your existing products that maybe you just haven’t touched lately, we’re rounding up our favorite products geared towards men and their specific needs.

Prime Longevity by Isotonix: Something we’re all striving for, longevity. Prime Longevity addresses specific needs related to mature adults and the continued need for both an alert mind and active body. Formulated with key ingredients to support cognitive well-being, polyphenols to help fight free radicals and support both circulation and healthy connective tissue and branched chain amino acids for support in several cellular processes, especially as aging occurs.

Prime Time Performance Formula for Men: Between normal aging and the stressors of life, sexual desire, stamina and performance are often affected in one way or another. Prime Time’s formulation works on several mechanisms to help support healthy male libido and sexual function.

Prime™ Ultra Secretagogue – HGH Enhancer: Support to effectively raise human growth hormone levels, our Ultra Prime formulation works with the body, not against it. This formula also provides anti-aging support as HGH governs the body’s growth, aging and health maintenance. HGH may help influence the growth of cells that naturally decline as you age. Market America’s science-based formulations is no different when it comes to Ultra Prime being more advanced with its special blend of nutritional ingredients.

Prime Prostate Defense Formula: While inflammation associated with aging can be a normal part of the aging process, there are ways to support overall health into the decades. Prime Time specifically supports and can help maintain optimal prostate size and function for a healthier prostate. The powerful combination of ingredients speak specifically to the need for overall a man’s prostate health as well as optimal sexual function.


Think your husband or Dad could benefit from one of our men’s products? Reduced express shipping for Father’s Day is on soon. Want to learn more? Keep a look out on @mahealthyliving and @marketamerica for our very own, Dennis Franks, and his take on men’s health including favorite products.


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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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