Quality Matters: How the Product Brokerage Concept Benefits Health Professionals, Their Patients And nutraMetrix UnFranchise Owners 

This Summer, Market America introduced the University Major of the Month. The major of the month for October is nutraMetrix. Throughout the month, nutraMetrix team members will be writing guest blog posts about nutraMetrix and how UnFranchise Owners can use it to leverage their business. Below is the fourth post about how product brokerage can benefit UnFranchise Owners. 

Quality Matters: How the Product Brokerage Concept Benefits Health Professionals, their Patients and nutraMetrix UnFranchise Owners by the nutraMetrix Team

nutraMetrix is considered a leader in the health and wellness marketplace because of its dedication to quality sourcing of raw materials and use of clinically evidenced ingredients. Together, the mission to provide greater access to these ingredients in synergistic formulations and educational resources to both providers and patients alike, sets nutraMetrix apart from the competition. 

nutraMetrix products are manufactured by some of the best suppliers in the healthcare space. It is the product brokerage concept that allows nutraMetrix to partner with the experts in their field to offer only the best in formulations.  

As a product broker, nutraMetrix upholds quality by using manufacturers with NSF-registered facilities who recognize the importance of thirdparty validation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). 

Creating a superior supplement begins with quality ingredients. The raw materials used in nutraMetrix® products undergo a comprehensive evaluation by our manufacturers to ensure that they meet stringent purity and potency requirements. Verification and approval by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is required for each raw material. Finished product, where applicable is selected and tested tested by an independent laboratory using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) for Genetically Modified Organism (GMOdetection. This sensitive test is able to detect GMO even in samples containing only minute quantities of DNA. Only a handful of techniques are currently used to genetically modify most plants. The laboratory is looking for the traces of genetic modification that is left behind by these techniques. 

The quality measures instituted from sourcing of the raw ingredient, handling and processing from the manufacturer and the evidence-based formulations provides assurance to consumers and health care practitioners alike that nutraMetrix custom health solutions’ products follow the highest standards of quality control and assurance.  

nutraMetrix offers ingredient diversity because results matter. 

There has never been a time when the individual health consumer has been more in need of in quality supplementation, weight loss solutions, and direction from their healthcare provider or health advocate than today. 

Individuals, regardless of age, are pushing themselves harder and harder to keep pace with today’s mental and physical demands. People want better cognitive health, improved physical and mental endurance and enhanced metabolic well-being.  

To help you achieve all the above, nutraMetrix offers some of the biggest names in natural ingredients and clinically reviewed nutrients 

nutraMetrix is regarded for its comprehensive formulas pairing the best in nutrient delivery with the best in researched ingredients.  With over 30 clinically evidenced ingredients across cardiovascular, blood glucose, weight management and anti-aging formulas, to name a few. 

Together nutraMetrix, exceptional manufactures, and the best in functional ingredients can help you get a better handle on aging and well-being.  

It is never too early (or too late) to start taking care of your health. It is never too late to improve your quality of life. 

Today, more than ever before, consumers and health care practitioners are looking for nutraMetrix custom health solutions. Today more than ever, you should look to leverage the benefits of nutraMetrix to support the health of your community, family and personal longevity goals. 

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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