Product Palooza ICON 2023 Day 2

Morning of Day 2

To be a product of the product, start here. Throughout the concourse and on the main stage, Market America­­–exclusive brands shone in the spotlight today. Yesterday, tables lined with products captivated attendees who tried samples, admired displays, asked questions and placed orders (which you can pick up right here!). ICON 2023 Day 2 brought new fervor and shoulder-to-shoulder traffic around these stations while incredible products rolled out on stage.

Executive Vice President Kevin Buckman challenged us first thing in the morning during his retailing 101 segment: “Everybody in this room can sell something they believe in.” He credited trial-sized marketing and the continuous pursuit of Base 10 with his ascent in UnFranchise levels, busting open the crowd with laughter when he said, “I’d rather be bored and rich than broke and enthused.” But no one would accuse Kevin of lacking enthusiasm for Market America! (P.S. Access the retailing resources he spoke about in English and Chinese here.)

ICON 2023

After Kevin, UnFranchise Owners Mickie Wang, Beth Black and Sheryl Duchess attested to the value of trial-sized marketing, in-person health surveys and home parties, leaning into relationship-building, follow-up and education as key components to these approaches. “When you educate your customers, they’ll never leave. Education is what makes them stay, not sales,” Sheryl said. An illuminating TLS panel formed next, led by Director of GMTSS Cullen Haskins, discussing techniques for engaging with customers seeking health products with Jenn Trepeck, Chanda Riggan and Lisa Tolbert.

ICON 2023 Bliss

Purple curtains parted for the biggest product reveal yet during Gary Brecka’s presentation: Bliss CBD Gummies + Ashwagandha, abounding in powerful ingredients and tasty grape flavor! Midnight tonight UnFranchise Owners can enter the Bliss contest for the chance to win two 2024 Leadership Academy tickets! On top of this delicious announcement, Gary dug into the science of some effective health and nutrition products, with testimonials from UFOs who have experienced their power firsthand. Check them out below:

Dr. Deedra Mason and Dr. Lien Nguyen demonstrated Isotonix Coenzyme Q10, Isotonix Vitamin C and Timeless Prescription Oxygen Extreme onstage to wrap up the product portion of the morning. By the end, everyone was ready to get some for themselves!

ICON 2023

Sharon Lawrence reoriented UFOs on conversational product marketing through everyday opportunities —”You are always placed exactly where you need to be,” Sharon said — and Aleksandra Cummings swept the floor with social media marketing and expanding customer share. Then, Chris Sarli reiterated the significance of follow-ups before Elizabeth Weber-Walliser finished out the morning strong. “Now is the time! You only live once! Make your dash count!”

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

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