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Product Spotlight: Curcumin Extreme

Looking for a powerful antioxidant? Look no further. Curcumin is known for being a powerful antioxidant, but it doesn’t just stop there. Curcumin Extreme™ supports numerous biological functions, including overall liver health and normal production of detoxification enzymes, helping to scavenge toxins in the body that can build up over time.

Many Curcumins on the market have poor bioavailability or, poor absorption. At Market America, we strive to continually bring our customers the best in class products and it’s no different with our Curcumin Extreme. Formulated with Curcugreen™, Curcumin Extreme provides exceptional absorption and maximum benefits. Curcugreen is an extract from turmeric which is linked to several health benefits – Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric.

In addition to Curcugreen, Curcumin Extreme™ has a small but mighty ingredient profile, including, Broccoli Seed Extract and Selenium. Broccoli Seed Extract’s protective properties support detoxification enzymes as well as the scavenging of free radicals, providing immune support to the body. Selenium is an essential mineral, that helps promote healthy levels of glutathione peroxidase, increasing the antioxidant enzyme.

From overall liver support to maintaining normal cell integrity, healthy glutathione levels and cognitive benefits, Curcumin Extreme’s formula packs a punch. Whether your goal is to support your body’s response to fighting free radicals or supporting your detoxification enzymes, this product just may be what you’re looking for.



Curcugreen™ is a trademark of Arjuna Natural Ltd.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard