Product Spotlight: Isotonix Vision Formula

Sometimes overlooked, but more important than ever. Focus on supporting your vision with our top products, including Isotonix Vision Formula with Lutein. With the addition of maintaining an overall wellness routine and targeted supplementation that specifically addresses eye health, you can support healthy vision throughout your years.

What’s In It For You?

Lutein: A carotenoid found in many fresh fruits a vegetables, Lutein has antioxidant properties that helps protect the eye from free radical damage. Lutein also acts as a filter for blue-light, which is more common than ever before as well as protects the retina cells from all light damage.

Bilberry Extract: Derived from the leaves of a European shrub closely related to the bluberry, Bilberry contains flavonoid pigments known as anthocyanins. These are powerful antioxidants, boasting a positive effect on vision and vein issues. In addition to antioxidant properties, Bilberry acts as an anti-inflammatory which strengthens the structural integrity leading to proper oxygen and nutrient delivery to the eyes.

Eyebright: A fluid extracted above the root from an annual plant, Eyebright has been used for medicinal purposes since the 16th century. Eyebright is used for the inflammation of the eyelids, sties and eye fatigue.

Essential Vitamins & Minerals: Formulated with 14 essentials vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Copper, making this a blend of incredible ingredients to support overall eye health.


How it Works

The unique formulation of antioxidants and carotenoids paired with our Isotonic Delivery System makes Isotonix Vision a must for protecting eye health throughout the years. Light waves and oxidative stress are constant factors in the degradation of eye health and this formula is an essential addition to anyone’s wellness routine who is hoping to protect their eye health long term. Isotonix Vision Formula helps maintain the structural integrity of blood vessels and capillaries, helps maintain the membranes of cone cells in the eyes, helps maintain lens transparency, helps strengthen the cells of the retina, and promotes healthy oxygen and nutrient flow to the eyes.


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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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