Promoting nutraMetrix Live Events On Social Media

This Summer, Market America introduced the University Major of the Month. The major of the month for October is nutraMetrix. Throughout the month, nutraMetrix team members will be writing guest blog posts about nutraMetrix and how UnFranchise Owners can use it to leverage their business. Below is the third post about social media.

Promoting nutraMetrix Live Events On Social Media by the nutraMetrix Team

nutraMetrix health professionals (HPs) and consultants (NCs) are professional Market America UnFranchise owners who are seeking leverage. Leverage is the factor that separates struggling solo entrepreneurs from successful big business owners, as outlined in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad 

HPs and NCs building a nutraMetrix business understand that they can create leverage faster by promoting the nutraMetrix online events. These online events can expose patients and customers to products, health professionals to the nutraMetrix business and system, and referral sources to the trends in the industry. In 2019 and beyond, with technology it is easier than ever to introduce nutraMetrix to your potential HP and NC accounts.  

nutraMetrix has three types of powerful live events for all UnFranchise owners to use in their business. These are online summits, live overviews, and nationwide health and wellness parties.   

Nationwide Health and Wellness Party 

When: Annually 

Next Live Date: November 5-7, 2019 

Audience: Everyone is welcome! Current and potential HPs and NCs, current and potential customers and patients and all Market America UFOs 

For More Information: Visit

nutraMetrix Live Overviews 

When: Monthly 

Next Live Date: November 12 & 13 2019 

Audience: Licensed health professionals evaluating a full HP Executive account and potential nutraMetrix Consultants 

For More Information: or email 

nutraMetrix Online Summits 

When: Quarterly 

Next Live Date: Friday, December 6th 

Audience: nutraMetrix licensed health professionals and licensed health professional guests 

For More Information: Email 

Online is great, but one-to-one marketing is still the gold standard. When promoting these events, do not rely on one-way communication to spread the word. This includes dropping off flyers, sending emails, and posting on social media. The best way to tell your network about these online educational opportunities is to pick up the phone and connect with your friends and network. Follow up and follow through when inviting to make sure they attend, and answer any questions.  

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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