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Pros and Cons of Being a Mother Entrepreneur

While everyone celebrates Mother’s Day this weekend, we want to celebrate the mother entrepreneur who has endeavored in both motherhood and entrepreneurship all at once. There are numerous ways that moms are both the most equipped, and yet the most challenged, to be entrepreneurs.

Time and Prioritization

A mother entrepreneur working from home with her child nearby.


A mom, especially of young kids, will always prioritize the needs of her* children before anything else. This means that she will feed, clothe, bathe, transport, teach, entertain and supervise before starting on even the first tasks of the day. This is doubly true for stay-at-home moms who do not have sitters or daycares to take their little ones to. Evidently, this means that even if she is perfect at time management – and no one is perfect! – she may not begin accomplishing her business’s needs until well past the day’s outset.


However, because she is clear on her priorities, and thereby her childcaring tasks are also clear, she is much more likely to remain organized and motivated to continue further developing her life. In other words, it is obvious she will prioritize getting her child ready for school or attending their extracurricular activities, but in the time she has available for herself, she knows that achieving a lucrative personal business is beneficial to her family. In fact, entrepreneurship allows for flexibility in her schedule, making more time for her to spend with her children overall.



Because a mom is always thinking of different and innovative ways to set up her morning routine for her kids, or designing their bedroom for optimal comfort and practicality, she may feel burnt out with creativity.


On the other hand, being regularly exposed to a child’s mind causes a person to consider things from an innocent perspective. This perspective deconstructs all assumptions we have about the world and how to function in it, allowing for wonder, new ideas, and excitement about it all. This means that a mother is possibly even more inclined to take social risks – so long as they are not a risk to their life stability, which is why the UnFranchise Business Plan is so unique. Unlike a personal business or a Franchise, the upfront costs are minimal, and there is nothing you can lose.

Business Strategy


The prospect of developing a business over the course of the next three years of you and your child’s life may seem like too great an investment. When you’re already balancing other projects, seven to ten hours a week may appear daunting. It is all that much more impressive when a mom decides to pursue an entrepreneurial passion regardless!


Mothers are planning for the long term. Unlike the entrepreneurs who are looking to make a fast buck, a mother entrepreneur is looking to develop a sustainable business structure that will essentially work itself down the road. Although a daily investment of time may feel like a burden, there are two aspects of the UnFranchise Business in particular that facilitate this concern. One, there are numerous resources and educational opportunities that make the time you invest in the business not only easier but also more efficient and productive. For example, a self-made business would require you to ship your own items – instead, you can invest that time in sending follow-up messages. Two, it is precisely the smaller amount of time invested in the short-term that will allow for greater amounts of free time later on. As previously stated, the time spent is an investment in the business.

To Mother Entrepreneurs

If you are a mother entrepreneur, congratulations, you’re incredible and paving the way for other moms to pursue their dreams. If your mom is an entrepreneur or you know of a mom entrepreneur, make sure to highlight her accomplishments when you wish her a Happy Mother’s Day this year!


*For convenience purposes, this blog utilizes the pronoun “she” to refer to mothers. However, there are mothers who identify as a variety of genders and utilize a variety of pronouns. We accept and embrace all mothers!

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Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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