Protect Your Skin From Winter Blues

It’s that time of the year when leaves change, wither and fall. You’ll soon have to bring out your winter clothes, if you haven’t already. Savour the cravings for a scrumptious steamboat and the smells of freshly baked pork buns that linger. Winter is here. Temperatures have dropped, days are shorter, and the harsh temperatures of the cooler months can really do a number on your skin — leading to dull, dry, cracked, rough, itchy and sensitive skin.

It’s time for winter skincare! With the change in temperature, our skin’s needs change, so we need to make sure our skincare regime changes to help nourish, hydrate and protect our skin.

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Lumière de Vie® Super Soother
Lumière de Vie Overnight Renewal Masque
Lumière de Vie Skincare Brush Collection

I am pleased to announce three new Lumière de Vie® products, just in time for winter. When used as directed, the following products can help your skin stay soft and hydrated all winter long.

Our new Lumière de Vie® Super Soother packs a big punch with a super-lightweight formulation of niacinamide (vitamin B3), allantoin and aloe. These powerhouse ingredients combine to soothe and balance skin by helping control excess oil, while reducing the appearance of redness and blemishes. Additionally, they help treat the signs of ageing by brightening unwanted dark spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while adding vital moisture back to the skin for a complexion that feels as good as it looks.

The serum is especially beneficial for mature and problem skin types, as it helps to soothe irritation and brighten uneven skin tones. However, a dose of niacinamide is beneficial for all skin types, so add it to your regime today.

Beautify While You Sleep

Your skin regenerates while you sleep, so any help you can provide is vitally important. Formulated with AstaReal®† astaxanthin, lactic acid and a unique blend of lipids, Lumière de Vie Overnight Renewal Masque melts into skin while you’re asleep for the ultimate overnight facial. The skin-loving formula gently exfoliates, brightens unwanted dark spots and softens fine lines and wrinkles, while replenishing moisture to your skin — so you can awaken to a smooth, hydrated
glowing complexion.

Brush Up On Beauty

You need tools to use for each step of your skincare regime. Lumière de Vie Skincare Brush Collection offers an elevated, hygienic way to apply your skincare products. This amazing collection includes four unique brushes designed to expertly cleanse, treat, masque and moisturise your skin. These high-quality brushes are cruelty-free and created with the softest, fully synthetic fibres for the most refreshing experience ever.

Winter is a harsh climate and out of our control; however, we can help avoid its harmful effects to our skin. Be sure to check out for your winter skincare regime of new products. Make sure to tell your business partners and customers about these incredible products! Better yet, entice them with a Lumière de Vie virtual gift card!

†AstaReal® is a registered trademark.

Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir


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