Protecting The UnFranchise From MA Products On Third Party Sites

Market America products should be sold legally through SHOP.COM and the UnFranchise Business. When UnFranchise Owners decide to illegally sell them on auction websites, it is our job to protect the UnFranchise Business.

Whether they are informed or not, UFOs who sell Market America products on unauthorized third-party sites like Amazon are directly violating our company’s compliance guidelines. Gaming the system by selling these products illegally only hurts yourself and your fellow UnFranchise Owners in the long run. If you are caught doing this, your affiliation with Market America will be terminated.

Our legal and compliance teams have done tremendous work serving as the first line of defense in protecting UFOs and the UnFranchise Business against unauthorized sales of Market America products. In fact, the UFOs who are selling the products on third-party sites are decreasing dramatically because of the work was done by our compliance teams as well as UFOs in the field who are reporting the illegal activity.

JR Ridinger said, “As UnFranchise Business Owners, it’s up to all of us to not only familiarize ourselves with the proper business practices but to also ensure that our teams are following the guidelines and policies that were created to protect the growth and integrity of our business.” (Click for JR’s full statement) So if you see any illegal activity or unauthorized sales, please email

Despite the illegal activities, there have been many positives that are starting to come out of this whole process. The biggest one is the return of customers to their original UnFranchise Owners. Since customers cannot buy the products on third-party sites anymore, the amount of consumers returning to buy products legally through SHOP.COM has increased. This is how the UnFranchise System should truly work!

One UFO who dealt with this problem firsthand is Deb Laufer. Deb’s team was losing customers to gaming and auction sites. Once our legal team began to tackle the problem head-on, customers started to return and their businesses benefited greatly. Check out Deb’s message on the issue below.

Deb Laufer

“I wanted to let you know that I have a UFO in my organization that is a personal trainer and owns two fitness facilities. He had lost about 6 customers to Amazon. But he is now slowly getting them back!

Two came back and ordered from since they could no longer find them on Amazon. And we know it will only get better.

Thank you for all of Market America’s continued effort in tackling this difficult problem and penalizing the idiots who have been doing this type of thing!  It’s working and has not gone unnoticed.

See you in Miami!



Thank you, Deb for sharing your positive story with our team. Like Deb said, our compliance policies are working and the tide is turning in our favor as less third-party sites sell our products. This is a huge win for UnFranchise Owners!

If you have a similar story to Deb’s, please share it with us on our social media channels. Thank you!


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