Q&A with Lumiere de Vie Brand Director, Kim Ashley

We are so excited about our new products Lumiere de Vie just released at MAWC 2021! There are now available for pre-order. Be the first to get your hands on these amazing new products our team worked so hard to bring to life.

We asked Brand Director, Kim Ashley, a few questions about how recent launch:

Can you tell us what inspired the creation of these new LDV products we just launched? 

“I know Amber [Ridinger]‘s big thing is all about getting ready for the spring and the summer. You know everybody wants that glowing perfect skin, so all these products are going to help give you that glow that you want for the summertime.”

Can you tell us how was the process of bringing these LDV products to life?

“Well, it took them lots of experimenting and idea making, looking at competitors for the best price, and also working with different scientists on what would go well together to get the best results.”

Which new LDV products are you most excited to use yourself?

Skincare brushes! So excited about it. In a time like today it’s so important to be sanitary, not using our hands on our skin and the skincare brushes allow you to do this.”

How does these new LDV products fit into your skincare routine?

“Well I’m for sure going to be using a lot of the hyaluronic acid, and everybody needs a hyaluronic acid. It’s gonna help with moisturizing and also you know keeping my skin flawless for the spring and summer. And then of course the skin care brushes I love so much.”

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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