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Q&A with Motives Creative Advisor, Maria Checa

We had the pleasure of catching up with Motives Creative Advisor, Maria Checa as she prepared to head to Miami for the launch of Motives’ 2016 Spring/Summer collection ‘In The Heat of The Night’ at Market America’s World Conference. Read on to learn more about Maria’s inspiration for the collection.

maria checa on stage 2

Share with us the inspiration behind the concept ‘In The Heat of The Night’ for Motives 2016 Spring/Summer collection?

This collection is all about highlighting women’s feminine power. We brought this concept to life by emphasizing on a dewy and flushed look on the models. There’s a sense of allurement in a woman’s glow and it was important for us to captivate that in the visual campaign.

Can you tell us what it was like working on set with these models and the crew for this style shoot? 

It’s always a blast with the crew, they’re the best at adapting to all different types of settings, whether they’re acting as musicians in a band or in this case, jumping into a pool at night. It was important for our female models to show a sense of control while preserving her sensual energy. It’s all about the women in this campaign and really in society. Women are taking a leading role and that’s exactly what this collection represents. Pretty can not only be sophisticated but also bold.

Are you as excited as we are to see the new collection? Share with us in the comments below what products you hope to see from the new 2016 Spring/Summer collection.

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Zizi Barhouma

Zizi Barhouma