Qualified v. Unqualified Appointments

There’s a huge difference between scheduling an appointment and scheduling a qualified appointment.  Sure, qualifying appointments takes time and work but in the end they lead to more successful appointments and better quality clients.  The more qualified the appointment the better!
Take a quick temperature for the quality of your booked appointments:
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.59.03 AM
If you want more qualified appointments try discovering the following during your conversations:
Interest –

  • Is there a solid need that we can fill?
  • Is this a potential good fit?

Advertising budget-

  • Do they advertise anywhere else?
  • Do they take marketing their business seriously?

Timing –

  • Are they motivated to go now?
  • Are they in the researching stage?
  • Do they have a tight time schedule?

Appointment Timing –

  • Is this a good time to meet?
  • Is there little chance that they will be interrupted?

Decision Makers –

  • Will all decision makers be available during the apt?
  • Seriously, everyone with input available?

Set the Stage for Success –

  • Can your prospect can be on the phone and internet at once?
  • Do they have an up to date internet browser?
  • Have you edified the Product Specialist so your prospect understands who will be conducting the appointment?
  • Have you encouraged your prospect to write their questions done in advance?

The more of the above qualifying criteria that you can determine before the appointment, the better! Don’t be afraid to ask questions that could lead to a better appointment – it benefits both of you!

by: Sarah Rose Stack


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