Rastelli’s: The Premier Online Food Service For UnFranchise Owners

At the beginning of the global health situation, hand sanitizer and toilet paper were two of the toughest products to find in stores. Now, meat may be in short supply from the shutdown of certain meat processing plants due to the pandemic. With consumers scared to physically shop for food, online shopping is becoming the go-to solution. Trips to the grocery store are being put on hold in favor of food delivery services. In fact, between March 1 and March 25, online food sales surged 183% according to NetElixir. With online grocery shopping, there are no lines, rowdy customers, or empty shelves. UnFranchise® Owners and their customers can receive great food delivered right to their door with Rastelli’s.

Thanks to Market America | SHOP.COM’s partnership with Rastelli’s, UFOs now have high quality meats and seafood at their disposal. Rastelli’s passion for food began in 1975 when Ray Rastelli, Jr. opened a butcher shop in Deptford, NJ. Over forty years later, Rastelli’s continues to supply customers and restaurants with food that is second to none. Rastelli’s not only provides products to the only 7-star hotel in the world in Dubai, but has supplied food to the U.S. Military in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Rastelli’s specializes in beef, poultry, pork, fish, and seafood that can be delivered right to your door. To preserve the exceptionality of the food, Rastelli’s blast freezes their products. Blast freezing products means the microbes in the protein are inactivated, preserving it in a state of superior freshness to retain both flavor and texture. Plus, the products and the facility itself are thoroughly tested multiple times per day to ensure safety to the highest degree. Then, the products are vacuum-sealed (most products are individually portioned and packaged) and shipped directly to your address.

It’s important to know that Rastelli’s products are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free. Every product is humanely and responsibly raised. All beef and chicken products are domestically raised in the United States while seafood products are wild-caught or sustainably raised in the wild. Think of Ray Rastelli as Market America’s Butcher and now, you have access to Ray and his team at the click of a button. It’s the perfect solution in today’s society!

So what can you order from Rastelli’s? If you’re shopping for families, try one of Rastelli’s Bulk Up & Save packs. These packs can include grocery store staples such as meat, chicken, or fish in larger quantities. Instead of buying your perishable meats and fish every week, customers can buy from Rastelli’s in bulk, which in turn, can help save time and money. Check out Rastelli’s Bulk Up & Save Rastelli Seafood Meals All Salmon and Shrimp Pack and Rastelli’s Bulk Up & Save Rastelli Ready-to-Cook Seafood Meals: Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia Variety Pack. It’s advantageous for UnFranchise Owners to purchase Rastelli’s products not only for the taste, but for the IBV! UFOs can order Rastelli’s on UnFranchise.com to earn IBV. Plus, if you decide to put Rastelli’s on autoship, the IBV value can earn up to 27.5 IBV!


If your customers go through SHOP.COM, they can can earn up to 9% Cashback on their purchases. More options from Rastelli’s include an Antibiotic Free Beef & Chicken Pack, the Antibiotic Free Chicken & Turkey Pack, and the Wild Caught Shrimp Pack (Peeled, Deveined, Tail Off).

If you’re interested in learning about Ray Rastelli, Jr. and his company’s mission, there will be a special Zoom training on April 20 that’s dedicated entirely to Rastelli’s. Ray will join Dennis Franks and Dr. Deedra Mason as they take a deep dive into buying and cooking quality food from online services.

The Health Benefits of Red Meat & How to Cook the Perfect Steak at Home with Market America’s Butcher, Ray Rastelli, Jr.

Who: Dennis Franks, Dr. Deedra Mason, and Ray Rastelli, Jr.

When: April 20

Time: 6 PM EDT

Zoom Link: Click to register

Join President of Rastelli’s Foods, Ray Rastelli, Dr. Deedra Mason, and Executive VP Dennis Franks as they take a deep dive into buying and cooking quality foods online.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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