Recap: What’s New at SHOP.COM

Wow – we can’t believe that #MAIC2020 has come and gone already! But, we’re thrilled about all the new features, benefits and enhancements coming to SHOP.COM that were announced! Here’s a recap in case you missed it – it was a lot to take in!

Out of Stock Recommendations

No one likes the feeling of going online knowing exactly what they want to purchase and finding out it’s out of stock. This frustration is now a thing of the past on SHOP.COM. With our new out-of-stock recommendations service, you will now get suggestions for either similar products or products with similar ingredients or attributes, curated by our health professionals. “What we found is that during this COVID pandemic, there are products that are in extreme high demand, sometimes as much as five, six or seven times the normal sales,” Steve Ashley, President & COO of SHOP.COM, said. “This was a significant help to our UFOs and customers, with their main focus being the health and well-being of themselves and loved ones.”

Backorder Purchases

Before, you had to wait for the backordered products to come back in stock before you could purchase. Now you can preorder and we will ship to you when it’s back in stock! We are now rolling out this feature on our consumer sites,” Steve said.

Preorder Upcoming Products

When we have new products in the works and you can’t wait to get the latest and greatest, you can now preorder! Once the items come into stock, they will immediately ship out to you! We have some hot new products that will be available after #MAIC2020 that you’ll want to preorder!


If you hadn’t heard, we recently partnered with CarSaver, creating a quick and easy process for buying, leasing, financing or insuring a new or used car. For me, the program is very timely, as there is a paradigm shift occurring in the way people purchase all things online, even cars,” Eddie Alberty, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, said. “I’ve found that the pricing is even better than competitive, while eliminating the hassle of having to deal with a salesman to negotiate.”


OneCart® stores now have the ability to offer coupon codes — and you see that coupon availability when you search for products or for stores. It’s a motivating enticement to purchase when you automatically see that there’s a 10% or 15% coupon available.

Customer Registration

What we’ve done on SHOP.COM is to minimize the amount of fields that a customer has to complete in order to register on the site. This makes the process much easier and simpler for our customers.” Steve said. 


In order to create a better and more effective experience, the new Nutri-Physical® provides a blueprint for discovering what supplements, meal plans, and stress and sleep protocols are going to work for you. After the initial quiz (the basics), the new Nutri-Physical offers a “choose your own adventure” path and identifies eight areas of health, from Muscle & Joint Health to Cardiovascular Health.


Speaking of personalization, there’s a concerted effort to continue to improve the customer experience and provide more information to make the shopping experience more specific and personal. This includes displaying the customer’s favorite stores, showing what othercustomers have viewed or purchased as it relates to what you’re currently shopping, providing top stores, giving a listing of recently viewed products and showing products that are similar to what the customer is looking at. 

UnFranchise Registration

The process for registering on has also been greatlyimproved. You can now search for a sponsor by name or ID. The user need only provide their address once if it is the same for billing and shipping. 



SHOP.COM has enhanced its AutoShip program, making it easier for your customers to get the products they need before they run out. Any OneCart® product, including Market America exclusive products, that offers AutoShip will automatically default to AutoShip, with the 5% discount. You can create the AutoShip right there on the product page. “This has really streamlined the process, and we’ve seen AutoShip orders go up substantially, because it made the process so much more seamless.” Steve said.


As you know, we are continuously trying to make our sites as user friendly as possible. Which of these new features are you most excited about?

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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