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Recognising Success : Power Profiles

We would like to congratulate Sean Teh who recently reached a new UnFranchise Level – Executive Coordinator!

1. How long have you been in the business?

I started my UnFranchise® Business three years ago during the start of my 45-Year Plan career and post-graduate studies. I have been seriously building my business for about the last 1.5 years.

2. Why did you start this business?

Initially it was to help my brother, but I soon found my “Why,” which is to help my parents retire. Knowing they had to sacrifice so much to move to Australia for my siblings and my benefit is truly remarkable. I am building to help give them the retirement and lifestyle they deserve. Subsequently, I am also looking forward to having the option to “fire my boss” and go help more people find the UnFranchise Business.

3. Outside of being an UnFranchise Owner, what is your occupation? If you are a full-time Distributor, when did you make the transition from the 9-5 to being a full-time entrepreneur?

Currently based in Singapore, I work in professional financial services as a consultant to multinational companies globally. I am also a chartered accountant. It’s a great learning opportunity, but I do work very long and odd hours servicing clients across the globe.

4. Tell us about your family.

I am blessed to have an amazing family. We are originally from Malaysia and moved to Australia for better opportunities. My brother and I work the UnFranchise Business together, while my little sister is at university. I love my family!

5. What do you and your family like to do for fun/recreation?

In my leisure time, you can find me hunting for food, café hopping, at the gym (exercising so I can eat more), hiking, meeting new people from all backgrounds and picking up dance classes.

6. Tell us about your lifestyle.

I’m currently based in Singapore with work hours spanning from 10–18 hours daily and weekends. However, I always make time to ensure there is time for church, family, social and, of course, business throughout the week.

7. What are some of your personal goals?

There are so many! However the things that I will achieve are:
• Help my parents retire
• Retire myself
• Bless others through our products, business opportunity, volunteering through church and charity activities
• Have an open-door policy in my own home to hold team corings

8. What are some of your business goals?

This business is amazing, as my goals can be aligned with other peoples’ goals. Particularly:
• Achieve Director by 30-years-old
• Ensure that my business partners’ goals and dreams are being achieved
• Become a skincare product specialist
• Be a trainer and impart knowledge and experience to others

9. If you could give three key points to help share the business and what it’s done for you, what would they be?

• Be a product of the product! There are so many products and Partner Stores in the UnFranchise Business, so you are bound to find at least one thing that you like. It’s easy to share with people why you like something, which help grow your business.

• First impressions count; see how you present yourself because people are always watching you (especially on social media).

• Buy your three tickets. This creates urgency and the ammunition for you to sell a ticket during your discussions and meetings with prospects.

10. What is your best moment, so far, with Market Australia and the business?

• I was fortunate to attend various GMTSS events, leading up to the Market America 2019 World Conference. Each time I attend an event, I am blown away from the size, the people and the atmosphere.

The MAWC2019 gave me my magic moment. It was my first time travelling to other side of the world. It was my first time travelling for 35 hours to get to Miami. It was my first time experiencing jetlag. However, it was also my first huge magic moment. Seeing the passion the Corporate Team has, the number of young UFO entrepreneurs and the comradery everyone has. It ignited a spark and reminded me of why I started the Unfranchise Business, why I needed to work harder and why I am doing what others are not willing to do.

Although I have taken it slower than I would like, I know 1% (or even 0.1%) growth is still better than 0% growth.

11. How has the GMTSS helped build your business?

• Without any business experience and starting this business the same year I commenced my career and post-graduate studies, I realised the importance of GMTSS.

I enjoy learning and am grateful I can learn so much from such experienced people. Things I never thought I would learn, such as. Motives and makeup. It’s not only me, but my business partners can leverage the GMTSS and build their businesses! Being in Singapore, it’s amazing that I can still attend GMTSS events and continue building my business in Market Australia.

12. What’s your favourite Market Australia product and why?

• There are so many to choose; it’s engrained in my daily life already! However, if I had to choose one that I cannot live without, it would be Isotonix® Advanced B Complex. Having to work long hours, it is my boost that keeps me going! Also it helps give that surge of energy needed before going to the gym.

13. Is there anyone you would like to thank for contributing to your success?

• A huge thank you to my business partners and team. I cannot do it without you at all. Particularly to my sponsor and my brother, Ian Teh, for never giving up on me and pushing me to do that 1 percent daily even when I come home exhausted from a 15-hour work day. Additionally, my senior business partners — Sabrina Chai, Josephine Cullen, Karen Chai, Pearly Koh and Hilda Ng — for all your assistance and support in any endeavour.

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Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir