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We would like to congratulate Merissa Peck Wong who recently reached a new UnFranchise Level – Master Coordinator!

How long have you been in the business?

I started my business in 2009.

Why did you start this business?

My sponsor Jane mentioned to Anne Loke that I was doing a home-based business and showed me the business Plan. I was intrigued with the potential of the compensation plan, and I was looking for some good supplements for my family, too. This works out well, as it is taking the good products as well as a possibility of earning an income, too. I wanted something to do but also have to take care of my family, including my elderly parents in law.

Outside of being an UnFranchise Owner, what is your occupation? If you are a full-time Distributor, when did you make the transition from the 9-5 to being a full-time entrepreneur?

I used to be an IT project manager in Malaysia but stopped my career after migrating to Australia. It has been a great experience to learn about entrepreneurship and working for yourself. Partnering with Market Australia has been a wonderful, life-changing experience — learning to work with a diversified team. It is truly a proven system that provides average people an opportunity to be in business without the high capital investment.

Tell us about your family.

My family consists of myself, my husband and two adult boys; my elder boy got married and now I have a beautiful daughter-in-law. My parents-in-law live with us, so it is one big household to managed. My elder son has moved out after marriage. My family supports me in my business. I am very grateful and appreciative of them.

What do you and your family like to do for fun/recreation?

For myself, I love to read and watch dramas and documentary films during my down time. I am a leader in my Buddhist faith so I have plenty of activities with my members, too. I learn to meet more people to share with them my faith, as well as my business when I can.

Tell us about your lifestyle.

I believe in eating healthy; exercise has been my new love after learning and doing the TLS 30-Day Jumpstart Challenge. I usually travel once a year with my husband.

What are some of your personal goals?

My goal is to share and help people to be happy, healthy and enjoy the journey of life.

What are some of your business goals?

Inspire my team so they know that anyone can make it with perseverance, persistent, consistent, respect and a willingness to learn. I hope to make to my next UnFranchise Level in one year.

If you could give three key points to help share the business and what it’s done for you, what would they be?

Be coachable
Believe in yourself
Be part of the system

Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir


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