Recognizing Success: Global UnFranchise Level Achievements

UnFranchise Owners all over the world have been on fire since MAIC 2017! At the rate everyone is building their business and going up in UnFranchise levels, JR’s vision of 50,000 Directors will be fulfilled in no time! UnFranchise Owners work very hard to accomplish their business goals and succeed as entrepreneurs, so we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on those who have recently reached new UnFranchise Levels. Read on to see who has reached a new UnFranchise Level recently.

Market Australia

Master Coordinator:

Shirley Harrison







  • Fui Hen Ip
  • Gunardi Irawan
  • Maryati Maryati
  • Peter Alexander Velez Paulino
  • Amy W Tiong

Market Hong Kong

Executive Coordinator:

  • Chui Cho Yiu Joewick
  • Iu Fu Fau
  • Ku Wai Hung
  • Lee Yee Hung Elin
  • Leung Lai Fan
  • Tong Jesse Nga Ming
  • Wang Kai Fung
  • Wong Hon Man


  • Chan Yu Yeung
  • Cheung Shek Fung
  • Jim Pik Lin
  • Lee Lai Kuen
  • Leung Chung Keung
  • Li Sau Wan Anita
  • Wong Fuk Sheung
  • Zhong Xiaoyou

Motives® Certified Beauty Advisors:

  • Ho Kwai Fong, Rebecca
  • Leung Pui Kei, Kate
  • Tong Pui Kan, Phoebe

Market Singapore

Professional Coordinator:

Yea Ling Teo

Senior Master Coordinator:

Felicia Seah

Master Coordinator:

Sarah Ling






Xiao Lei Lei






Chok Weng Wah






Executive Coordinator:

  • Hannah Seow






Christine Ling







Jonathan Koh






HUGE congratulations to each of you for setting goals and reaching them! We can’t wait to see what levels you have reached this time next year!

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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