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Refresh Your Pantry with New Products

New Year, new products. Now that the newness of the New Year is fading, it’s time to do those tasks that are mundane but necessary. When you open your medicine cabinet, pantry or that dreaded junk drawer, chances are you’ll find items that are well beyond their expiration date or that you simply haven’t used in the past year. Not only are these taking up shelf space but if you haven’t used something in several months, you probably won’t. Let this task be a chance to rediscover the plethora of health and nutrition products we have and see if their benefits may align with your health goals.

Market America has such an incredible line up of health and nutrition products and we love the idea of starting off the New Year with new products. Refresh that pantry with products that are sure to be staples in 2021. Bonus: these travel easy, meaning there is no excuse not to make these a part of your wellness routine.


TLS Nutrition Shake: formulated with 19g of protein, 10g of fiber, 22 vitamins and minerals and tastes great, this shake is almost too good to be true. We love this nutrition shake for its countless uses. From smoothies, to muffins and everything in between. Two scoops of either the chocolate or vanilla flavor makes for the perfect in between meals treat or even lunch on the go. Keep your health goals going strong in 2021 with this in your pantry.

MochaTonix: delivering nutrients, energy, weight loss support and delicious flavors, MochaTonix is an all encompassing boost to your day. For those who love coffee, weight loss support products, mental focus, delicious guilt-free treats, or all of the above, this is for you. Formulated with AdvantraZ to support fat burning, a thermogenic blend to support increased energy levels, and essential vitamins and minerals for nutrient support, MochaTonix is a great option for a daily treat plus so many benefits.

Pure Collagen: being a major component of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, collagen is essential to many functions. If you’re hoping to support skin elasticity, hydration, healthy joints and bones, muscle strength and even your gut lining, 1 vial everyday of Pure Collagen can help do so. The ease of adding this into your water or simply taking on its own makes this a simple but effective addition to your routine.

Already included these into your routine? Let us know what you love about these. Still looking for new products for 2021? Check out our plethora of health and nutrition products and reviews.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard

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