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Refresh Your Skincare

Yes, skincare products have an expiration date! Especially natural products that are healthier for your skin. I know it hurts to toss products you were not able to finish, but it is important to let go of products before they can cause damage to your skin. Once a product expires, they lose their effectiveness, and even worse, can cause irritation and breakouts. Safety is key.

How do I know when my products expire?

On our products, you can find the month and year it expires, depending on the type of packaging it is in. In our tubes, usually cleansers, masks, or creams, you can find the date on the top edge, by the seal. In our jars and pumps, typically serums, creams, cleansers, or toners, you can find the date on the bottom. 

There are times where expiration dates are not marked on skincare products. Which makes it difficult to know when to refresh your skincare cabinet. Generally, products last from six months to a year. Signs to look for with expired products is the smell and appearance. If the texture, color, or smell is somehow off, it is most likely expired. 


Occasionally, the “lifetime” of a product will be noted on its packaging. This typically looks like a little jar icon with a number inside. That number is how many months this product will last after opening the product. A helpful tip is: writing with a permanent marker on the product the date it was initially opened. 


Here are three tips on how to keep your products fresh before they expire:

  1. Do not stick your fingers into your products. This will invite bacteria in and will mix into your skincare.
  2. Use applicators and spatulas. Make sure to regularly clean them to avoid the build up of bacteria. 
  3. Store your products properly in a dry, cool space. Having your products in the shower may seem convenient, but the heat and moisture may affect some formulas. 


This is a great way to connect back with your customers after they have purchased, especially early into the new year. Take note on their date of purchase and plan to do some outreach between six months to a year, depending the product and its shelf life. Remind them the importance of refreshing your skincare: to safely continue an effective skincare regimen.


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Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja

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